Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is a website that says they will help people find and apply for jobs that are specifically in the management or supervisory areas of business, with no entry level positions to filter through.

The website is completely free to use, and works like any other search job search engine, asking people to input the main keyword for the job they hope to find and the zip code of the area in which they are hoping to work.

Once you’ve done that, will return to you a whole list of results that you can then search through in your own time and determine which jobs you would like to apply for.

How Does It Work?

Most other job search engines available online are aggregates. This means that they have electronic spiders that crawl the internet and collect job postings from websites, classifieds, and other job boards, and post all the information on their site.

Some other websites, especially those that claim to specialize in upper management jobs or those jobs which require more experience, will actually have companies contract them directly to post their job opportunities., on the other hand, is actually a portal website for another website called Thumbtack promotes itself as a place for people to find professional workers to help them with their personal projects, not as a traditional job website.

The Job Opportunities allows anyone to post jobs through their site to find workers of any kind or type that they need, and this is a perfectly acceptable function for a website to perform. Unfortunately, it does mean that people looking for management or supervisory jobs are likely to be extremely disappointed with the jobs posted on

Most of these positions are not management, or well paid experience based positions like people would expect. Instead, they don’t seem to fit in any category. There are entry level positions, independent business offers, and a few positions which seem to be upper level.

People who are genuinely hoping to find jobs that require specialized experience are likely to be far better off using a job site like IvyExec or, that work with headhunters and professional recruiters.

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