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Market America
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Market America


Market America is an independent business opportunity based on what they call their patented “Unfranchise” system. This system allows their members to sell their products and recruit new members to the Market America business.

Though Market America does not call their system a Multi-Level Marketing business, it is regularly categorized that way by others because they allow their members to build a downline of recruits whose work they then profit from. This is pretty much the definition of an MLM business.

In fact, Market America members are fairly open that the only way to truly make a liveable income from this business is to recruit new members – simply selling the products isn’t likely to be profitable enough.

Beyond a Business Opportunity

Market America also offers a wide variety of products as well as a partnership with many large, well known stores and brands. One of the ways they attract customers to shop their site is through their Cashback system. Their Cashback system allows you to shop at major retailers through their website and earn money back on your purchases.

In addition to the Cashback system, they have a section of their website that shows all the latest coupons and deals that can be used at a variety of their partner stores.

This is also how Market America entices customers to try their own product line. Once they are on the website shopping at their regular stores, Market America is able to advertise their own products, which are being offered at a steeper percentage of discount than perhaps a comparable item at a major retailer.

The Bottom Line

Whether or not they choose to label themselves as an MLM company, they do have a pyramid recruiting structure, so the bottom line is that Market America suffers from the same difficulties as an MLM company. Recruiting people is often a major struggle, and making money without recruiting a downline is a further major struggle.

In addition, while Market America has taken many impressive steps to make shopping at their website more inviting, at the end of the day the truth is that many of their products are more expensive than comparable products you would purchase at a store, which makes them difficult to sell.

Undoubtedly Market America members will say this is because their products are so superior, and perhaps that is true; however, this will need to be a distinction you must prove every time you try to sell to a new customer, so keep that in mind.

Market America is not a scam, but to make Market America your business will take time, money, effort, and a talent for sales. Obviously, this isn’t a business that fits everyone, so make sure you are ready before you attempt to undertake this business.

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