Max Profits Now Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Max Profits Now, found online at, is a new program from businessman Max Aria, who says that he can personally guarantee that people will earn money using his program or he will pay them $500.

The program he is promoting is called The Online Foundation 15, which he describes as 15 specific steps that users can follow to guarantee that they earn thousands of dollars in income each month.

And though he says his program has a minimum cash value of $5,000 – without including the one-on-one coaching – he is currently selling this program for a one time fee of just $97 to a limited number of customers.

The $500 Guarantee

Max Aria says that The Online Foundation 15 is the exact system the he personally uses to earn six figures each and every month, and sometimes more. Customers who use his system and are unable to earn money are promised a $500 dollar check from Max himself.

However, this guarantee is very specific. In order to collect the $500, users must be able to prove that you followed all the outlined steps, worked for at least 30 minutes each day, read all the materials and followed all suggestions you were given, and were still not able to earn one dollar.

If you are able to prove all those things to be true, as well as prove that you have not earned one single dollar, you can request your $500 check.

The Red Flags

Unfortunately this program has almost every warning flag customers should be looking for. It makes outrageous earning claims, specifically saying users should expect to earn $1,000, $5,000, or $9,000 commissions on a regular basis.

Then, instead of offering a refund policy, this website offers their $500 check guarantee, which is written in such a way that anyone can easily be denied the guarantee, because it is too difficult to prove every thing the website asks for, and even if you could, earning even one single dollar would make you ineligible for this guarantee.

But the most important problem with this website is that they don’t explain what their business is, what you will be taught to do, and what skills or commitments are necessary to be successful in this business until after you have given them your credit card number and paid $97.

No ethical company should expect you to give them your credit card number without a clear understanding of the business in which you are getting involved.

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  • DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN. He's from a company called MOBE, he promises you everything, takes your money and you never here from him again. Take your money, put it in a page bag, throw it out the window then at lease you will see where your money went.
  • I've been trying to contact Max past 2 days, Have'nt had no luck! I paid 50$ and have'nt talked to no one!
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