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MikeDillard.com is the website of Mike Dillard, an entrepreneur who says that his mission and purpose in life is to empower people who want to change their lives with the knowledge and skills they need to do so.

One of the most important philosophies and beliefs of Mike Dillard is that the greatest achievement anyone can strive for is to “have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind.”

Unfortunately most people feel that a huge obstacle to being able to do this is having the financial means they need to reach their achievements. Mike Dillard wants to help people reach their financial goals so they can reach their life goals, and make themselves – and the world around them – better.

What He Offers

The Mike Dillard website offers a large variety of options for newcomers, breaking up the information on his site into categories like Build Your Business, Build Your Wealth, Marketing, Mindset, Personal, and Self-Reliance. He is also well-known for a self-help podcast, called Self Made Man.

He also offers the Self Made Man Society, where he helps people learn how to come up with ideas for their next business, as well as to transform your health and energy, and “create your legacy.” He describes this membership opportunity as perfect for people who are interested in having a successful personal mentor for both life and business.

His website also features List-Grow, a step-by-step program for understanding exactly how to build a large audience and email list for your business, as well as Tiger 21, a group whose goal it is to support companies, foundations, and entrepreneurs who want to contribute to society.

What to Consider

It is clear that Mike Dillard has been very successful in his life path and business choices; he says that he made his first million dollar business by the age of 27 by teaching other small business owners how to market their products and services online. In addition, he says that his combined businesses have earned more than $50 million in revenue without outside funding.

Unfortunately some people have complained about some of his program offerings, because they were under the impression that these services would teach them how to build a business from the ground up, when they eventually found out that most lessons were about taking an existing business to the next level.

Other reviewers stated that they wanted comprehensive marketing teaching and tools, and were disappointed that the service they purchased only focused on online marketing.

This goes to show that prospective customers will want to pay close attention to the product or service they are considering purchasing, to see who will really benefit best from it and what skills and knowledge are being taught. Mike Dillard and his website appear to offer so many different choices and options that there shouldn’t be any need to compromise what you want or are looking for.

Perhaps the best place to begin will be with any free resources offered by Dillard, including his podcast and his website blog, as these will give customers the best understanding of Dillard, his teaching style, and how it may be possible to benefit from any of his programs.

Do you have experience with Mike Dillard or one of his companies? If so, please leave a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Mike Dillard " is 2.26 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.
  • I bought his ‘victory mastermind’, was just a bunch of presell concept video interviews… his crypto wealth teaching, again a presell to The Plan crypto course that is pyramid scheme of buying the next tier to get the ultimate methodology…

    Mike’s content is all fear based the world is going to Armageddon survival…

    Sincerely was 2 good concepts in the presell interviews, the other 60 were bs.
  • Mike's a true wizard of Oz. Look behind the curtain and you'll find a small man. He hasn't seemed to learn anything about empathy since his own health crisis in which he consistently asked for it from even his customers. I bought access to his hot mess of a video training series, "Self Made Man" which has now been repackaged into his very hands off "I'm taking you under my wing for a year!" MD mentorship program.

    When I signed up for SMM it was supposed to be life long access. Apparently not. Mike and his ilk are generally more lucky than they are skilled, except at triggering people's scarcity response and of course doing what needs to be done to "be in the club".

    The content he offers from interviewing his buddies is free on youtube. What he's done is the equivalent of taking a head of lettuce, washing it and package it and then selling it for way more because it's more convenient. If you've "succeeded" please don't give your power away and give credit to guys like him. You're the kind of person who would have a found a way to make it happen one way or the other.

    His information (again free on youtube from many others) may have helped streamline your path but YOU did it yourself. Own it.

    His type will be rendered obsolete very soon. I've never met one of them who actually feels in integrity with WHO they are and WHAT they would have done with their lives if they weren't deeply afraid of being "broke" and what they think that means. So they employ mental gymnastics to justify all kinds sleazy behavior while pretending they're good, upright businessmen/woman.

    The age of the Biz Guru is dead!

    Check out Mike Winnet's you tube channel if you want to learn more about the CONtrepreneur game.
  • I came across Mike through his podcast "Self Made Man" which I found to be both interesting and helpful. After a few weeks of listening I wanted to know more so googled him and discovered his video webinar selling access to his membership club SMM Society. I was reassured by the full money back guarantee and so signed up right away. I paid the fee and waited for the email with my login details. For some reason the login didn't and I decided to request an immediate refund. Within a few hours the support team were back and gave me the full refund with no questions asked but to my astonishment they also gave me new login details so I could get full access to the club anyway. This convinced me Mike is the real deal, a real expert and completely authentic. I have since gone on to buy the more expensive "7FSP" masterclass product from Mike. I am very pleased with the quality and details in the course - but like all these things its up to you to put the work in. I feel a lot of the complaints I read here are from people who perhaps haven't done the work and are trying to assign some of the blame on Mike which is unfair.
    • Hi Gavin, how much was the course? How is going for you now?

      I'd like to talk to someone who is going through the course currently.
  • FRAUD !! SCAM!!!!
  • Guys a hack. Rode the pony and turned it into a horse with kern and deiss and brunsun all back in the day. dan kennedy and his ultimate millionaire are proud. GTFOH!
  • I purchased Mike Dillard’s List Grow course because I wanted to grow my list and, with his Completion Challenge, I knew I would get my money back (I am not sure if they still offer it, but when I purchased back in August 2018, you could get your money back by setting up a funnel and applying everything from the course). The course was was good, lots of useful info, although the name is a bit misleading. It’s about building a funnel, not growing your list. Sure, you can use the funnel to grow your list, but it will cost you lots of money in Facebook ads. There are much better ways to grow your list. So, when I submitted my funnel to get my money back, I received an email 4 weeks later from Mike telling me about all his hardships being unable to sleep and other options I could take advantage of instead of getting my money back. I felt that basically he was trying to make me feel bad for him so I would feel generous and not want my money back. Very scammy! The guy is a millionaire! Can he not hire people to look at these funnels? Anyway, I insisted on getting my money back and still haven’t heard back two weeks later. I am planning on following up next week. Very frustrating!
    • I need to write a follow up about Mike's course.

      1- I want to say that the course is excellent. I was frustrated by the lack of response I was getting from the completion challenge, and I was taking other courses about growing my mailing list. I didn't feel that using Facebook ads was a good way to grow my list. After doing many more courses, I understand better where Mike is coming from. If you have a paid product to cover for the advertisement cost, it's the best way to grow your mailing list.

      2- Mike seems to be back on his feet and he reached out to me personally. I can't imagine he would have time to email his customers, but he does. I received the whole amount for the completion challenge.

      If you are serious about growing your business and are willing to do the work, I highly recommend List Grow.
    • Have you ever received your refund? Still waiting on mine as well. I hate to say it but the The “cancer” excuse seems pretty convenient.
    • I am so grateful for all the reviews here, I was just about to purchase Mikes "List Grow" course but got worried when I tried to access one of his companies and Affiliation on his website called "EverGrow". I found that that domain name is for sale and I could not obtain any information regarding this company. This led me to this platform. Thanks again
    • I also purchased the 7-figure sales presentation course somewhere around July of 2018, was pleased with the course and completed it relatively quickly. I submitted my funnel on October 2 so that I could take advantage of the completion challenge, and heard back from customer support that their review of my funnel would take about a month, but that I needed to give them my PayPal email address so that my money could be refunded via PayPal. I figured there was no real hurry on this since they said it would take a month anyway. Sure enough, they sent me an email on October 26 saying that they still needed my email address so that they could issue my refund. I sent it to them and made sure my PayPal account was up and running. No word back, so I emailed again on December 20, and they told me they had sent me a letter from Mike on November 17, which I never received. So they resent the letter, and it was the same sob story as described above, that Mike had to sell all his race cars because he had a health condition that didn't allow him to sleep, etc., etc. In this letter he was encouraging the reader to choose another option besides a refund, but all this BS makes me want the refund more than ever. Customer support assures me that I will eventually get my refund, they just can't tell me when. It is now January 8, 2019, three full months since I first submitted my request. Meanwhile I am still getting marketing emails from Mike about all of his projects. I used to have respect for Mike Dillard, but no longer. He didn't have to offer a completion challenge, but he did, and he should honor that. And I find it ironic that someone who is claiming to teach people how to make money in their sleep, without having to talk to another human being, is now flat broke because he can't sleep. And none of his support team seems to be capable of managing his marketing, either, because business has completely dried up. Huh.
  • I have mixed feelings about Mike Dillard. I've listened to his podcast for a couple of years, and I purchased and completed his List Grow product. I've definitely learned some useful things about online marketing from him. I thinkg he knows what he's talking about. And I think he's a fairly good guy in terms of his personality and how he comes across. He's also got connections with a lot of pretty reputable business people.

    On the down side, I think Dillard is basically selling "get rich" schemes to people who will mostly liklye never get rich. He plays on people's fears and ambitions and gets them to spend a lot of money on products that what end up changing their lives or making them lots of money. His "business" is giving people hope that they can make a lot of money and be free. While he may present a lot of useful ideas, he's selling something that can't really be bought--drive, ambition, intelligence, networking, creativity.

    I also think many of his guests are borderline con-artists who make their money in the same way--by selling "jhow to get rich." It begs the question, if these people are so successful, why are they selling courses and ebooks rather than just doing the thing they claim made them tons of money? Because they want to "give back." I don't buy it. I have no doubt that Dillard takes a cut of the revenue for every hack product he sells on his show, whether it's related to making money on Bitcoin, Air b'nB, or Click Funnels.

    Bottom line: Dillard, like his guests, is a successful online marketer who capitalizes on the desire of men (especially) to have what he has. He can teach you a few things, sure, but don't believe listening to Mike Dillard or his guests will be enough to make you successful. It won't.
  • I have not had a lot of experience with Mike Dillard's work but have found a lot of what he is offering to be a bit slimy.

    Not so long ago I got an email about the possible end of the world through nuclear war (which is plausible) as well as a tonne of scare-mongering, fear-instilling messages from Mike about the imminent destruction of your life as you know it.

    Then, of course, his products below selling below which will serve to protect you in the upcoming armageddon. A paid membership too where you can get survival tips and access to his sources or some other bullshit.

    I'm all up for people promoting their own products and he's very successful at it. He may be right about world destruction, but I don't think he has yours or my best interests at heart, only money. Scaremongering and using fear as a selling tactic? That's when I stopped following this guy
  • I purchased Mike Dillard's Listgrow program and I found it to be an extremely valuable resource. He teaches entrepreneurs the latest marketing techniques to build and grow a business. I found his teaching method to be of exceptionally high quality. He literally walks you through every single step from beginning to end with a screen share so you can see exactly what he is doing. He is also very specific about how to make your sales letters and is very generous about providing supportive resources. I am now working through Listgrow 2.0 using Clickfunnels. The only thing I would recommend is that people should check out Listgrow 2.0 first because it is much more streamlined and user friendly because the software integrates several other functions which you otherwise have to piece together. I highly recommend this resource. If you actually do what he tells you to do and you have a decent product that satisfies a genuine need, you will make money. It really is that simple.
  • i thought it was a scam in a way, but I will be using his methods or some of them to expand my email list and make a business out of it... As you guys said I don't feel the need to sign up....
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