Mike’s Profit Plan Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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MikesProfitPlan.com is a new work at home opportunity from internet entrepreneur Michael Jameson, who claims that he made over $986,239 working online in the year 2011 alone.

Though he says he cannot give you all his secrets to earning money from home the way he does, he will give you access to a website that will help you get started making money from home, an extra $500-$5000 a month.

Mike claims that he will not ask you for a single penny for this work at home opportunity, and that all you need to do is watch a minute video before you get access to the website that will help you start your own business.

Online Business Systems

The website that you will eventually get access to is Online Business Systems. Online Business Systems is a network marketing opportunity that is actually selling Herbalife, a line of nutritional and weight loss supplements.

Network marketing is a type of business where you make money not only from selling the products themselves, but also by recruiting other people to sell these products as well. When you recruit someone, they join your downline, and you also earn money from their sales.

Network marketing is a legitimate form of work at home business and has been around for a long time. However, it is a difficult business in which to be financially successful. Most of the money you earn comes from recruiting new members, which is not easy to do.

More Problems

First, MikesProfitPlan.com makes outrageous earnings claims, which is always a bad sign. No one can “guarantee” that you’ll make money with any home business, much less promise that you’ll make an extra $500-$5000 a month.

Second, though Mike says you “won’t have to pay a penny,” he simply means to him. As for Online Business Systems, you’ll have to pay $9.95 Shipping & Handling for the introductory work at home kit. Mike says that if you don’t like the kit, contact him and he’ll reimburse your $9.95.

But what isn’t being said is that the kit is only free for a 14 day trial, which begins the day you order it, even though the kit won’t arrive for another 72 hours. And to cancel your trial, you must physically return the kit to them before the end of that 14 day trial.

If you do not successfully return this kit in that time period, you will automatically be enrolled in their program and charged a fee of $39.95. This charge may not be a problem for you, however it should be something you are aware of up front, and not a small note in the fine print.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " 3 Online Business Systems " is 1.23 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.
  • Just call your credit card company, and put a hold on your account, no charges can be applied, your card is frozen. That is the way you can counter these types of scams, ( if You catch it early, before the charges have been placed on your card ) Stan.
  • I never got my dvd they sent me a link to the first training step. I had a meeting with them over the phone. Told them I did not have 200 dollars to invest. They told me how to return my dvd when it came later that day. Not only did they charge me an extra 9.95 but also the 39.95 for the dvd which they said I never sent back. I have proof that not only was it received, but was signed for by someone. They said I would get refunded but I am still waiting for my money. I also saved the email in which he said that he would refund my money, my next step is going to my bank.
    • Hate to say this but they scammed you. I almost fell for it too until I found this site.

      Hope you get your money back soon...keep trying. Also, report them to the BBB.
  • I usually do not order anything off the internet unless i do my homework on the company but i was so convinced that i would not be a victim of being scammed i ordered the kit last week and still haven't got it. i was so excited about the system to help with my money situation. i only had ten dollars and i wanted to join another money making company called globals domains international but i was so convinced in this system. tried to log in to my account but the same bs came up about other ways to make money and i also emailed them i got nothing back. i should of join the other company at least they have alright reviews.

    i'm just so scared that there going to charge my boyfriends credit card the extra 40.00 and i haven't received the system yet. cause once you pay the 10.00 that's for you to try out the system and on the side they have if you don't cancel the system and send it back they will charge you a one time fee of 40.00 so please check your bank card to make sure they don't charge you and u don't know anything about it. stuff like this makes you not even wanna trust whats on the internet good or bad. the internet is suppose to be for research and learning different things not to rip people off. that's how they get there money but its ok god don't like ugly. they might b living it up for now off of other peoples hard working money but every dog has a day and there day is coming.

    i should of know it was a scam they didn't even send a confirmation number for me to check up on the package. this makes it real hard to trust the people that really has a way for you to make money online. thanks for reading i hope it helps. thank god this was my first online purchase i just hate i used my boyfriends credit card for it. ITS A SCAM PEOPLE
    • If your boyfriend puts a hold on his card or better yet, just tell the bank it was lost and put a stop on the card and have a new one issued it will stop them from charging his card.
  • I do believe he needs to remove this from the internet as it is B.S. and you will not make a dime .
  • Here's another thought:

    Why do you have to give up YOUR pertinent information in order to find out about what THEY are offering?

    Shouldn't have to. I didn't even SEE typo's, but I absolutely HATE giving up my personal info, when all I want from them in the first place is info they're supposedly giving away!

  • well i just ordered the kit going to see how it goes but i just signed up with the wrong email i need to get in contact to change that
  • I was looking for his website to pay for the kit and I just happen to click on the reviews and man o man I'm happy I did. Thanks to all of you I didn't fall for another scam. If anyone knows a legitt job to work from home please let me know.
  • Thanks for your great review!! You saved me from another big error. Why can't these people be honest. Wish we had internet police to keep this junk off the internet-it's so disappointing to go all the way through a program and then find it's useless to us. Thank you for your splendid work and best wishes, Dee Waldrep
  • Thank You for the warning. I was looking to make extra money to pay student loans and get out of debt.

    WOW, thanks!
  • very disappointed
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