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MindsPay is a market research website that pays its clients for participating in surveys, focus groups, and product reviews.  In addition, MindsPay may from time to time allow advertisers to use their clients to submit feedback on individual ads or ad campaigns.

Like all paid survey sites, working with Minds Pay isn’t likely to pay the bills, but participating in market research online is generally a simple way to make extra money.  Minds Pay, like all legitimate market research websites, requires no fee to become a member, just an email address and your completion of a general demographic questionnaire.

Once you’ve become a member of MindsPay, you can use their website to find surveys you would like to participate in.  When surveys arrive that you may qualify for, you’ll be given an email invitation to come and participate in that survey as well.

In order to participate in MindsPay’s research, you must be using Internet Explorer, and you must be a member of PayPal in order to get paid.

So is Minds Pay Legit?

Well, as Minds Pay is free to join and pays its clients in real, legal tender, it’s considered legitimate.  There are, however, a couple considerations I would point out.

First, while MindsPay does offer its share of regular, run of the mill opinion surveys, many of its surveys are actually based toward product trials.  This means that you’ll have to sign up and try a product or service, ie enter your credit card information, in order to participate in the survey or trial.

Since most of these signups have free trials, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  However, if you don’t read the fine print or forget to cancel a service within the trial period, you’ll likely be required to pay a fee.  As surveys rarely pay more than $5 at the high end, and being charged for a service tends to be quite a bit more, unless you are very organized you could end up losing a lot more money than you are earning.

Secondly, Minds Pay pays out their members in multiples of $50, which means that you would have to earn a minimum of $50 before you ever eligible for payment.  While this isn’t unheard of, it is quite a high payout for an industry that pays an average of $1-$2 per survey.  If you need or choose to quit for any reason before you reach $50, you simply won’t receive any compensation for your services at all.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Minds Pay " is 1.53 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.
  • Mindspay has paid me each time I requested payment.My only concern is, when you do a trial offer. It is not giving me credit, but for the most part. They are legit!
    • do you have the phone number for the verification dept
    • If you want to report them go to the BBB, the Federal trade commission, as well as Ripoff Report. com is a good one too! These guys depend on people and they reach them online help others not get scammed and you never know they just might give you your money in order to clear things up. You gotta hit em where it hurts false advertisement is a no no and they will get shut down! The federal trade commission will start investigating them if enough people complain, they are the agency that will police this. The BBB is bullsh*t if companies pay the BBB you can't even make a complaint and the company get's an automatic A
    • When is the last time you requested a payment? I've been paid consistently for several years. After completing my $50.00 of credits, I called as requested (as always) and the number is DISCONNECTED. I hope that there is some mistake. Besides them owing me the $50, I have another $25 on account. If you have information about Mindspay having a new phone number or where they can be contacted.

  • I'm so sorry to say that I've just been scammed out of $75.00. Over the past several years they were good to send me increments of $50.00. I just requested $50.00 last week which means I had to contact them by phone. I'm sad to say that the phone number of MINDSPAY HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED FOR ONE WEEK. THE TELEPHONE NUMBER FOR MINDSAY IS 312-212-8044. They also are holding $25.00 of mine which they are holding. Oh well!
    • Susan, I am not one to just complain, I am an action type of person. I kept getting the run around with them. I wrote BBB first and they responded that since the company did not respond to us we can go no further.

      Then I decided to file a complaint with someone with more punch. In my research I found The Federal Trade Commission. The site is helpful, easy to file a complaint and they have the IRS, FBI and a host of others on the Federal level working with them.

    • It's been over a month since I requested my $50.00 payment. Today, almost one month later I have received my %50.00 payment through PayPal, what a surprise. Even though their phone number was disconnected, I received the notice of payment, and it was good. I've received 5 payments from them now for $50.00. You just have to have the patience of Job! I still haven't tried calling the phone number again.
  • I signed up to do online surveys for MindsPay worked on several surveys,from Feb2013 to 2014 an& not once received a payment. They notified me by E-mail that they wanted to pay me, but never did, as if they didn't know how to direct payment. They have no real contact for their payrole or Human Resource management and they do not offer contact phone number. They are a SCAM. Owes me over $800. Marquita K. Wilson
    • Marquita, maybe all of us who have been scammed by MindsPay and InBoxDollars, same company; should hire an attorney and file a class action suit. I am totally disappointed.

      I have read so many reviews about companies paying $5.00 to $50 per review and the highest I ever got was $2.00.
  • U can't talk to anyone u all is a lie stealing people infomation
    • Hi Julie;

      This might help as I have used them. Easy to file a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission, it is their job to put a stop to what we encountered.

  • After completing over a dozen surveys.. all are "viewed" and pending.

    They all were done 3 months ago.

    Also most require you to buy or sign up for something and PAY for it.

    Mindspay is a total scam!!!
  • I have been doing surveys for them for about 2-3 YEARS and just last month on the 16th made it to 50$ and have over 250.00 pending since the beginning and still have not received any thing via paypal I also have multiple other survey sites that I do surveys for. ALL are the same nothing but a bunch of bs !! some of them even want to pay with stupid magazines like shape ,vouge or some other girl mag. Im A 47yr old man!
  • They aren't crediting me for most of the offers I complete, so I can't even get to the cash out threshold. SCAM,
  • The site offers to pay one to try deals that can be cancelled before charges set in. I never got paid for the trial I did, although I fulfilled the requirements and gave feedback as required. I sent an e-mail inquiring, and I never received a response. I will not do this again with them unless they pay me for my trial. I am not getting tricked into spending money I don't have for nothing.
  • I have 97.00 in my account and I have finished what was asked of me Its been 4 months since the last thing I finished and the only thing that has been approved is 3.09. I called them up and wrote emails but they have the same answer everytime they say I did not finish anything. mindspay Is a SCAM. I have taken screen shots of what I have finished and I am starting legal action against scampay. I belong to alot of other survey companys and mindspay is the only one who refuses to pay.again mindspay is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.....
  • I'd like to believe in Mindspay, but all I seem to get from them are surveys that I can only take if I agree to complete an offer, which usually means paying for something. If someone knows how to just take a survey (and get paid) without the offer crap, I'd like to know.
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