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MingleCash.com is the online home of Mingle Cash, a company that says they want to give people an easy but effective way to earn extra money while browsing the internet the way they always do.

One of the largest online money making industries is online advertisements, and now that the majority of internet users have begun using ad blockers, it has become much harder to reach your advertising market.

Mingle Cash tries to solve this problem for companies by creating a large audience of Mingle Cash members and then paying them to watch different banner ads while they are browsing the internet.

How Does It Work?

To begin, members simply need to install the Mingle Cash browser extension to the browser of their choice. Then as you normally use your browser to move around the internet, new “pop-under” ads will pop up every three to ten minutes while you are online.

Their website promises that these ads are “non-intrusive and in fact, you won’t even be able to see the ad until you minimize or close your browser window.” And these ads will only appear while you are actively browsing the web; if you are doing something static like watching a movie or playing a game, the ads will not refresh.

Mingle Cash members will be given a unique referral code that they are directed to share with others, creating a downline of referral based earners. Then active members must view a minimum of 10 ads each day in order to be eligible to share the revenue that is generated by their viewing downline.

Is Mingle Cash Legit?

Sharing ad revenue is not an uncommon way to make money online these days, and it is an effective way for advertisers to try and get around ad blockers which are eating into their market reach.

But Mingle Cash doesn’t actually pay viewers for watching their partner’s ads. Instead, they require their members to create a downline of new Mingle Cash members, all of whom are watching a minimum of ten ads a day, in order to be eligible to share 1.25% of the revenue that is generated by your specific downline and not the entire Mingle Cash member pool.

The bottom line is that this company doesn’t really give their customers an opportunity to earn money based on the actual work they themselves do, but on the work that is being done by other people. This makes Mingle Cash an unreliable form of income earning, and most people will likely be able to find better and more reliable forms of earning money online.

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Average Rating for " Mingle Cash Reviews " is 2 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • this app is a bunch of bullshit. all the hype at the beginning was nothing more than sneaky bs coming from a sneaky guy. ruined farming for everyone.
  • well golly gee, all you did was redefine the meanin' of MLM. All thee sites make u the most money with a downline. THAT'S how they are designed, DUH. Why does everybody feel the need to spew junk out of there pie hole?
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