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Mobile Income Opportunities
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Mobile Income Opportunities


Mobile Income Opportunities is a website from Mark Cook and Alan Smith promoting a new work at home opportunity that they call being a Mobile Marketing Agent.

Mobile Income Opportunities promises that their Agents will get paid when people send text messages, as much as $77 an hour, and up to $485 or more a day, with no experience or skills required.

You can choose to work either full or part time, and the work you do will be entirely from home. It is just $47 to sign up for the Boogie Text Mobile Marketing Agent Program.

Once you are a trained Mobile Marketing Agent, your job will be to sign up local businesses for the BoogieText service, which will send coupons or sales notifications via text message to customers in their local area.

Mobile Income Opportunities claims that, while there are multiple companies vying for customers in the category of email savings, the text message market is “wide open.”

Do you have experience with Mobile Income Opportunities or BoogieText? If so, please post a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Mobile Income Opportunities " is 1.67 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • I must admit,I have NOT bought this; however, the scammy sales letter says it all. I mean... you are one of the lucky ones that your area is still open... yeah, right!

    These kinds of marketing gimmicks are soooooo pathetic and overused, I'm amused and amazed some people still fall for them.

    If you want to make real money with text marketing, it can be done, BUT you must do research and your due diligence. There are many authentic text marketing providers out there on the web, that will not charge you anything up front and will train you for free.

    I mean, think about it... if they train you well, you will make them tons of $$$, so why go for the quick buck upfront? That is a genuine opportunity. Hope it helps whomever reads this :)
  • Letter to BoogieText.

    I have to admit – ya’ll sold me. But, ask me what you sold me on? I’ll tell you. Selling Text Advertising.

    But, I won’t be selling it for Boogie Text for a couple reasons:

    1. I had to pay to work for you.

    2. Then, you tried to up-sell me so I could get trained to work for you.

    3. While trying to up-sell me you:

    a. Labeled me – after less than five minutes talking to me on the phone

    b. Then, insulted me by saying you don’t usually like working with people like me – what? smart, energetic people?

    c. Then, you showed your true colors by saying that those people that are not in the “chosen few” will receive absolutely no training, that they will have to fend for themselves by putting together their business through the paltry training in the back office.

    i. I’ve been enrolled in BoogieText for more than two weeks and am still waiting for the key element which is the presentation video – I don’t have the confidence in BoogieText that it will ever appear and why would I throw good money after bad. Without the promised presentation video, we already aren’t getting what we paid for.

    4. Your presentation for the $2,500 up-sell is so tacky and blatantly predictable. Very disappointing coming from someone who claims to have been in marketing for over 25 years.

    Your attitude is one of a shyster. I am very familiar with shysters and am not interested in working with or for them.

    You do not own the texting platform, you are only interested in signing up agents and then not providing the proper training for the majority to succeed.

    I don’t care if I would be one of the “chosen few” who you set up to actually make money to use as an example to those who wouldn’t get the training or the compensation plan of those you would be using as the example, and probably that is a lie, because shysters typically squeeze every penny out that they can so, I don’t believe there is a “chosen few”. I believe that all will be offered the opportunity to make you $2,500 richer.

    I cannot be a party to such deception.

    But, Thank you for introducing me to Text Advertising. I have chosen to go with a company whose objective is to actually sell text advertising, who owns their own platform and provides training for free.

    Also, I will be posting this letter on the web, at every opportunity.


    P.S. Cancel my 12:15 with Shyster #1

    just my oponion
  • I am interested in this. I don't know if I want to try it if no one has made real money. Any one??
  • I think this is a scam I signed up and I will demand a refund!
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