MobileXpression Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of MobileXpression, a company that that says they want to provide people with valuable rewards simply for using their mobile internet connection the way they always do.

MobileXpression is another company that specializes in market research. Their goal is to collect as much data as possible about the way that people are using their cell phones, outside of the traditional phone calls and communications.

To participate as one of their users, you will need to be at least 18 years old and own a mobile phone or device that has internet access and is compatible with their software. Their website provides a full list of mobile devices they are currently compatible with.

How Does It Work?

Their website says that many, many companies are interested in how people are using their mobile phones and devices for surfing the internet and interacting online, so there goal is to get as many different types of mobile users as possible to collect this information for their partner companies.

To get started, you must install their software onto your mobile device. This software will then record and collect information about how people are using their phones, but they are very clear that they will not be recording any actual information about who you are speaking to, what you are saying, or any other personally identifiable information. They only information they want is to understand how you are using your phone.

They will also ask their users to participate in surveys from time to time, but they say that these surveys are voluntary and are also designed to understand peoples’ interests in their mobile activities.

MobileXpression Complaints

There are a couple problems and complaints about this company at this time, and it starts with a simple observation that this company is not very descriptive when it comes to exactly how you will earn your points, when you will earn your points, and how the payout process works. It appears that all these details will be made clear after you register as a new member.

But once you register as a member and go through the process of using this software, it becomes clear that there are other issues and complaints as well. Many members have accused this company of collecting their data and information all the way up until they attempt to claim their rewards, at which time many people have claimed that instead of rewards, they were given a notice that their account was “suspicious” and was being shut down due to concerns about fraud. Needless to say, these customers were not provided with any rewards or compensation for their efforts.

When it comes to market research companies, the most important questions have to do with how reliable they are at paying their members. This company not only doesn’t even provide their prospective members with appropriate information regarding rewards before you get started, and it is clear that after you become a member they appear to be anything but reliable at paying their members.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • MobileXpression is a app that gives you gift card for collecting information about your data usage ( as they claim I don't know what and how much they collect), I downloaded this app and kept that as per instructions and everything was going well till I redeemed my first reward, 4 days after I didn't got my reward I asked their support and I got this reply:

    Thank you for contacting us regarding the issues you have been experiencing with your account. At this time we can confirm that your order has been canceled based on the presence of fraudulent and suspicious account activity. This activity includes how you joined our service, multiple missing days of data transfers, and numerous low-volume data transfers. Based on these violations, your accounts have been terminated and any pending orders have been canceled.

    So please stay away from this scam, they will just collect all your data but never give you your reward.
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