MOS Success Plan Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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MOS Success Plan, found online at, is a new work at home opportunity that promises people a simple cut and paste system that is guaranteed to give them financial security.

Though this company says that their program traditionally costs $197, but they are currently willing to sell it to their new members for $97, and if you try to navigate away from the sale page they will discount it again for a total of $77.

What is MOS Success Plan?

Actually, it is difficult to tell what the MOS Success Plan is, other than a “millionaire website that cannot be bought or found anywhere else online.” The website does say that they are a powerful tool for making money online, and their customers will never make less than $500 with their program, guaranteed.

Customers are told that they don’t have to have any success with working online, because this company offers a completely automated system that doesn’t rely on the customer to work.

They also claim that they have decided to offer this proven system to their customers at such a low, affordable price because they want to “eliminate debt, increase family time, and permanently seal financial freedom.”

Is It Legit?

MOS Success Plan is not very likely at all to be a legitimate, ethically operating company, as they exhibit too many warning signs of being a scam, including cheap sales tactics like telling their customers they will only accept a limited number of new members each day, while at the same time offering to discount the price every time a customer seems like they’re leaving the website.

But even worse, they don’t actually tell their customers what they do, instead choosing to spend all their time making a lot of promises about how easy and effortless this program will be and how much money it will earn you.

The bottom line when dealing with online business opportunities is that if a company won’t even tell you what you’ll be doing before expecting you to turn over your credit card number, you should definitely turn around and walk away.

Customers who are still interested in trying this company because of their $500 Make Money Guarantee and their 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee should be aware that this company is selling their product directly to customers, which means that there is no third party resource that could help you recover a refund if that’s what you wanted.

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