MPB Today Reviews – Legit or Scam?

MPB TodayMPB Today ( is a new multi level marketing opportunity.  Unlike other MLMs, however, MPB Today offers an interesting type of compensation plan: groceries.

That’s right.  The MPB Today is a multi level marketing system that deals with a grocery delivery service.  Once you purchase $200 of groceries from their service, you automatically have the chance to spend an extra $10 a year for your own MPB Today website, become an associate, and begin selling grocery delivery services and recruiting associates yourself.

Since MPB Today requires only a one time buy in to join, and their product is one that people simply can’t do without – groceries – MPD Today claims to have an 80% customer retention rate.  In addition, they explain that the grocery delivery service is in its infancy, and therefore now is the perfect time to get into the industry, before it expands.

Once you become an associate and start attracting your own customers, your sales team must reach a total of $1200 in sales over the first two levels – with you personally having attributed two sales – before you receive your compensation of $100 in cash and a credit for $200 in groceries.  Because of this, MPB Today says you could potentially never have to pay for groceries again!

So What’s the Deal with

MPB Today, like all other above the board MLM companies, is a totally legitimate opportunity.  It’s becoming more and more popular as times are tough and people like the idea of being able to get rid of one family expense – groceries – while being able to make money at the same time.

There is something to consider before signing up with MPB Today.  First, though their sales page claims they have an 80% customer retention rate, deliverable groceries may not be the easiest product to sell right now.  Unfortunately with the program used by MPB Today, you have to pay for the shipping on the groceries.  With the current cost of fuel higher than ever, and continually growing every day, shipping prices are slated to go through the roof.

This means that in order to attract and keep customers, you’ll have to be able to find people who won’t mind paying, say, $250 for groceries that would only cost them $200 if they just drove to their local store.  Not many people are in a financial place to be doing that right now.

Of course, this doesn’t affect the business portion of MPB Today (as you’ll be getting a gift certificate for your groceries) but when you’re looking for customers who aren’t interested in the business, this could be a problem.

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  • I signed on to MPB Today in 2010 to so called help a friend. Signed on spending $200.00+ and NEVER received anything. Tried to retrieve my hard earned cash back and could never reach them. I was totally ripped off.

    No groceries no nothing. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!🤑
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