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My Advertising Pays, found online at, is a new website which promises people the ability to quickly and easily earn money from home by watching ten advertisements per day.

According to their website, more than one billion dollars is spent every day for online advertising, and their goal is to share that money with the people who sign up to help them spread and share their opportunity.

Signing up with this company is free, but in order to qualify for their profit sharing and MLM earning opportunities will require various fees.

How Does It Work?

The website says that their goal was always to have a simple, basic compensation plan that is easy for people to understand. To this end, there are two basic ways of earning money available for people who sign up with this company.

The first is their profit sharing plan, which says that for every active Credit Pack you purchase for $49.99, you will receive that many shares-in-profit every 20 minutes. So a person who purchase one Credit Pack will get one share, while someone who purchases ten Credit Packs will get ten. In order to qualify for profit shares on any given day, you must click on at least ten ads that day.

The second way you can earn money is by getting an automatic 10% commission on the purchase price of any advertising product purchased by someone who refer to My Advertising Pays.

What to Consider

The first important fact that people should consider is the earning potential available with this company. The earnings disclaimer they provide states that people shouldn’t expect to make any more than between $500 and $2000 each year from this opportunity, and they will only earn that much if they are willing to put in significant time and effort. It’s hard to imagine being will to invest both time and money into an opportunity which optimistically offers less than $100 return each month.

But there are other issues as well. In order to be a true multi-level marketing opportunity, the main focus of this company must be on selling products. This is not the case for My Advertising Pays – the advertising products their representatives can buy are not only optional, but so unimportant that there is very little information provided about them at all.

The danger with a proposed MLM opportunity that doesn’t actually function like a true MLM is that it may be a pyramid scheme, where the only money that is really being generated comes from new people purchasing the opportunity. This is not a sustainable earnings structure, and ultimately results in people losing the money they have invested without making it back.

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