My Affiliate Cash System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

My Affiliate Cash SystemMyAffiliateCashSystem is a David Michael program that offers you your own internet business for an initial purchase price of just $1.00.  For that one dollar purchase, My Affiliate Cash System offers you two constructed websites and pre-arranged affiliates.

To be clear, affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business that does offer people a chance to make a very decent living.  Affiliate marketing is a method of sales that allows vendors to recruit outside parties called affiliates to help promote their products. In return for their participation, these affiliates earn a percentage of sales made from their referrals.

MyAffiliateCashSystem is appealing because it offers you two constructed websites and affiliate vendors without you having to do any work.  However, anyone familiar with affiliate marketing knows that those are the easy parts of the business.  The difficult part is actually getting people to come to your website to purchase the product you’re affiliated with.  And there are a significant number of My Affiliate Cash System customers who report zero training or assistance with this.

So is MyAffiliateCashSystem a Scam?

Well, in addition to being a poor program for actually preparing you for the world of internet marketing, there also seems to be some pretty serious problems with both the claims on the website and the billing practices of the company.

First, David Michael says that it will only cost you $1.00 to join.  But he doesn’t mention that you will need to pay him $47.00 a month to host and maintain your two websites.  If you chose to create your own website without the My Affiliate Cash System, this same service could you as little as $3.00 a month.

Second, David Michael promises that if you don’t make $100 within the first 48 hours of signing up, then he will pay you $100 out of his own pocket.  That sounds nice, but it’s simply not true. Almost all customers say that when they asked about their $100 pay out they were told that they weren’t eligible for that pay out until they had earned $250 in affiliate sales.

Unfortunately, this information isn’t anywhere on the My Affiliate Cash System sales page – it’s not until after you’ve paid your $1.00 and shrugged off the $47.00 monthly charge that you realize you won’t see that $100.  So you’re out $48.00. As for getting a refund on your original $48.00, it’s not likely.  Most customers report emailing repeatedly with no response.

Another problem is that if you end up liking your website and being successful with it, then you are stuck paying the $48 monthly fee indefinitely.  If you ever stop paying then “poof” and your website is gone…

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " My Affiliate Cash System " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • When I go through to read these reviews I trust you Mr. David Michael.
  • I signed up but went with a different plan than most I see commenting about here. The plan was they would develop a web site after I created the domain name and paid hosting. I did that it cost me $107 for that with 1 year hosting. I get no response at all to several attempts to contact. But continue to receive the same offer I responded to. On the positive side I'm not being charged any monthly fees but now have a domain with no idea how to develop.I expected to learn as I go. With no help now I'm on my own
  • The system sucks,,I paid for a program that took me into spending more and more money,,that sucks for the poor,,if he really wanted to do favors why not believe in the people charge them when they are up and going,,,at least they might get somewhere( guaranteed money) for the whole system, pay him for it with the first check!!!!unless its really not all he says it is ,,and a great job,,instead of people cancelling their accounts,,in the video OH I DON'T Want to brag,,but I want this opportunity for you as well Why should A guy like me just be making all the money ,,,I cant tell you everything thats why I will do it for you! lol yeah Rite.Um Dave /yeah its time to put your Money where your mouth is,,,,,,,bring it I havent seen anything yet
  • AS well as all the above complaints here is mine. I do everything they say but when you sign up to LOOK at a system but do not sigh up for whatever reason. when he gets your sign ups he starts giving you commissions so he can take his cut.. That is fine but listing my commissions up to 5-6,000 for different systems he then send an email that says get your commissions at this link. As it turns out you don't get your commissions unless you pay fully for the program. Now this has been going on for three months and I still have not been paid a dime. He will also tell you he has deposited 100.00 in your account and you use it to pay for one of the programs that he says you have commissions, but before it can clear he requests a refund which now puts you in bad standing pith pay pal and well having to come up with the funds to repay pay pal without getting any of your commissions. And you are right, you never get any response from email replies It is a never ending problem.
  • They say that they will give you $100 if in 48 hours you don't earn $100.

    But their $1 trial is for 2 days (48 hours). By the time you wait for the 48 hours and the $100 hour earnings, they have charged your credit card $47.00.

    Since they use PayPal you can request a refund through PP if they don't refund you (60 days Guarantee). Or present a dispute with PP.

  • OMG they scammed me for 49.95 then 59.94 then 9.95 when i called them they said they didn't do it b.s i filed a fraud suit against them SCAM SITE DON'T GO THERE
  • I had been making some headway with this system then I hit a snag I wrote to David for advice and got a short pert response. I then asked what had happened as my web view dropped to ZERO after i sent out 2000 emails promoting the web sites. I have written 3 times in a week to ask what happened or if i owe money with NO answer If Im expected to run an affiliate business I need communication from those in charge it's a money grab with no help :( I've been done for the last time
  • Yet again, another disappointing "promise" of a work from home system. Below are emails that I received in response to my request for using this sytem. For someone who wants to market this system, his replies were extremely unprofessional and borderline rude. Having worked on building websites and marketing in the corporate environment, this does not appear to be a legitimate business. Please see emails below. Also note that I have removed my last name and email address for privacy purposes, but wanted to share the correspondence for anyone looking into this venture. Thank you.

    ----- Original Message ----- From: David Michael To: Kelly Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2011 9:48 AM Subject: Re: Welcome To NewAffiliateCashSystem!

    On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 8:03 AM, Kelly wrote:


    After entering my cc information and following your instructions, I have hit a wall at the Yahoo site. The page does not follow the steps that you listed for advertising my site. I also see that there are additional fees required, which was not clear in your original messages. Please advise or I will be cancelling my cc in order to not be charged. Thank you, Kelly

    On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 10:04 AM, Kelly wrote:

    Thanks for your help David. Yet another scam artist out there taking advantage of people trying to earn a living. My comments will be posted as a review on your "business."

    David's response:

    ----- Original Message ----- From: David Michael To: Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 11:31 AM Subject: Re: Welcome To NewAffiliateCashSystem!

    What are you talking about? How is this a scam? I give a 3 day trial in my system for $1. I run everything through PayPal so that all members can control their own accounts and billings. I provide my advertising giving you guaranteed traffic and sales in the membership fee. How is that a scam? If you know so much about internet marketing why join me? Why not just do it yourself and be successful?

    Good Luck,

    David Michael

    ps in all your posts where you spend your time trashing internet marketing instead of learning it, be sure you tell the truth that in my system you are in control of your payments yourself at all times. And when you did contact to cancel you were told how to promptly and given your $1 back. What a huge scam right???

    Professional??? You attack me and accuse me of scamming you when I did nothing wrong and your surprised I defend myself? Who is really being unprofessional here? You are the one who claimed I did something wrong and you were going to post negative comments about me without merit so yes I will defend my business and my ethics. If I'm so bad then why on the same day you complained that I was doing something wrong did I give you your $1 back and cancel your account? If I was running a scam wouldn't I just try to charge you as much as possible?

    It is a good thing you opted out now as this clearly is not the place for you. Good Luck in your money making efforts.

    David Michael
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