My First Online Payday Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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My First Online Payday is a new company that promises their customers that they will provide them with such a foolproof way to earn profits that they are willing to provide you with your first $50 to get started.

The company promises that the $50 that they gift to their new members is always theirs; members can use it to participate in their investment format, and they are welcome to withdraw their money at any time, including the $50.

Customers who decide to take a risk and begin working with this company are promised a total profit of $3,000 “in a few short days,” and the ability to withdraw their money whenever they personally choose with no limitations imposed by the company.

How Does It Work?

Actually, it’s very difficult to say in specific terms how this company operates. The video presentation available on their website speaks a lot about the potential for earning money from home, but doesn’t provide any information that is specific to My First Online Payday.

Secondly, all the links they provide on their webpage are actually completely inactive at this time. No matter the link – from Market Information to their Terms & Conditions – customers will simply remain on the main sales page and will be unable to access any additional information.

That being said, if you accept their offer for $50 and submit your email address, you will be taken to a new page which shows a Green button and a Red button, both of which are flashing a percentage. The web page asks that you essentially choose an amount of money to place “at stake,” and then you choose which button you believe will reach 90% first. If you are correct, you will earn back your money, but if you are wrong you will lose it.

The Problems

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin with the problems associated with this website. First and foremost, the lack of information they provide for the customers is nothing short of embarrassing and shameful. From the fact that their video presentation is just a bunch of clips from other websites and shows talking about telecommuting to their broken links, this company is doing everything they can to make sure their customers have no idea what is happening with their company.

Then when you finally move forward to the next webpage, it seems as though the whole goal of My First Online Payday is to get their customers to play a completely random guessing game with the promise that this game will somehow guarantee you $3000 in profits within just a few days.

Though there are very few reviews of this company at this time, the few that are there have serious complaints of never being able to withdraw money from this website. They are able to add money to their account, but when they attempted to withdraw they claim their account was suddenly closed down and they were not given any way to recover their money, much less the $50 that was promised to them.

At best this company is an unethical, badly planned gambling system and at worst it’s simply an illegal system designed to get people to invest their money where it is then stolen with no way for the investor to recover it. Either way, people should stay far, far away from this company.

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