My Millionaire Guide Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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My Millionaire Guide, found online at, is a new home investment opportunity which promises people the ability to earn money from investing even if you have no experience.

My Millionaire Guide gives people access to software that works with a binary options investment platform. Because this software is so new, they are allowing all new members to try this product for themselves, completely for free.

How Does My Millionaire Guide Work?

If you aren’t familiar with binary options, they are a specific kind of investment where customers look at the current value of a stock and then they are asked to decide whether that stock will move up or down in value during a specific time period which can be as quick as just one minute.

My Millionaire Guide says that most people believe that investing is volatile, that there is no dependable way to predict how stocks will move, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, the website says that there are “many established lines, patterns and predictable trends, which are constantly repeating over and over” and that using their algorithm to chart these trends means nothing is left to chance.

Their website says that as long as members place between 10 and 15 trades per day, three to four days week, with an initial investment of $200 and only trade on probability signals of 90% or higher, they should expect to each between $3,000 and $7,000 per week.

The Problems

There are many different issues with My Millionaire Guide. First, it isn’t actually free, you must sign up with the specific binary options trading platform that they choose, and you must deposit between $200 and $250 minimum in order to begin trading with their software.

Once you have deposited this money, My Millionaire Guide is actually paid a commission by the trading platform, because the reality is that the goal of this software is not to make you or anyone else any money. The goal of the software is to bring new customers to that trading platform, and once they’ve accomplished that, their job is actually done.

They have no motivation to make money for their customers, and the truth is that they actually aren’t able to make their customers the kind of money they promise in their promotional video.

In fact, the website actually says that even though their software is extraordinary, many people will not earn money with it because they will not follow the instructions. But considering the instructions are supposed to be set their software to make certain trades and then forget about it, it seems ridiculous to say that customers aren’t making money because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.

The bottom line is that these types of investment bots should be avoided at all costs.

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