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My PC Business, found at, is a new work at home opportunity designed by Frank Mitchell that promotes itself as the easiest way to start your own Internet business.

The website claims that they can offer you a way to make money, regardless of your knowledge or experience. The program can be up and running in as little as five minutes, due to its being an autopilot business system.

It is free to register with My PC Business, but you must invest in the product that you will eventually be selling, at an initial cost of $12.95.

The My PC Business System

At, you’ll watch a 15 minute video that explains the three different principles that make up the basis of this business. First, a product that is needed by a large market, then a unique compensation plan that pays high commissions, and a marketing system that both brings in your traffic and then basically makes the sale for you.

The product in question is the MyPCBackup program. This is a software system which promises a safe, secure way to backup all your computer files online, so that you still have access to them in the event of a stolen computer or hard drive crash.

My PC Business says that their product is something that everyone needs and can use, and is affordable at just $12.95, but also pays $50 in commissions and has the ability to generate additional commissions. They say there is no limit to the amount of money you can make with this system.

Things to Consider

My PC Backup system claims that their business system is “proven” to generate up to a “thousand dollars a day.” They also have said that your business can be up and running in five minutes and is an “autopilot” business.

These types of claims should generally set off warning bells in your head. An “autopilot” business tends to mean that they will provide you – and everyone else who purchases their product – with the exact same tools, resources, and information.

But internet businesses must be able to distinguish themselves from one another in order to be successful. And a business that can be running in five minutes and can generate a “thousand dollars a day” is probably leaving a lot unsaid that you won’t find out about until after you’ve invested your money, so make sure to not invest more than you can lose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " My PC Business " is 2.5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
  • Frank Mitchell is a jerk he did not pay out commissions owing, basically he shut it down and made off with the money. I finally learned my lesson, most of the stuff being promoted online is a scam. I hope Karma catches up with Frank Mitchell and his band of online bandits
  • First of all, MyPcBusiness doesn't even exist anymore!

    I hate to say, I had joined MyPcBusiness as an affiliate back in September. Everything was going great, I thought I had found the perfect product/support etc. Well, much to my dissmay, two weeks ago, as I clicked on to go into my back office as I normally had been doing, I was redirected to

    I tried again, and again I got godaddy! What happened? it turns out that Frank Mitchell and all of his cowardly business associates (including Larry Beacham who claims to be this on-line marketing knowitall) had simply shutdown the program. I say cowardly cause not one of them had the decency to advise his affiliates in advance. His intentions may have been good at first, but this is no way to do business!

    Yeah, Frank and his associates may have made millions previously, (I don't know how???) however, their integrity will be questioned going forward and I'm going to make sure I get the message out as I am sick and tired of people giving up their hard earned money to these on-line RATS!!
    • David,

      I'm in the same boat. Just came back from vacation only to find mypcbusiness gone...I have made good money with this offer and am very dismayed they are gone without notice...I have several solo ad campaigns set up and paid for ( not refundable)... some notice would have been nice.

      I wonder if my pc backup (who owns JustCloud as well) has any comment
    • I found larry beecham on facebook and sent him 2 messages about mypcbusiness if he knew what happened but no reply from him. What a scumbag.
  • Frank Mitchell is a scam.

    When I joined I spent money buying domain names to promote it - Bad Idea.

    After 2 weeks it disappeared.

    This Joker should be BANNED from the Internet.
  • My PC Business is a Scam. Frank Mitchell was the only one who made commissions with My PC Backup Affiliates Program.

    If you are receiving the My PC Backup Service, you might as sign up for their Affiliate Program to promote the product and earn the $120 commissions for yourself.
  • The site was great and easy to manage and the product is excellent that it promotes. But for some reason When I went to go checking my stats today. The website and also my link was shut down and re directed to I have no idea what happen. Weird. I guess I will not be promoting this business anymore.
    • Mypcbusiness is dead. On the other hand mypcbackup, the main product is going strong. You can even become an affiliate with mypcbackup by going to their website.
  • Ive been working for quite awhile now and it seems no one gets past the video.And its dreadfully hard to get people to click to the site. It really takes money to invest for promotions and ads.I will keep trying though and hope my invested time and money starts to show graceful earnings.
    • when you click on the webite it redirects you to a godaddy site. Either the site is down or no longer in operation. Even the forum was disable a few days ago. Red flag.
  • Honestly I just started the program and it seems great, even if you are new to internet marketing the training videos show you how you can get referrals on and offline. Realistically, it's full-proof, there is no reason you should not make money with this system over time.
  • So far so good. Like stated above the product is very user friendly, its not like the apply icloud but it does the job if your are looking for a simple cloud server back up.

    As in regards to the compensation plan I think it is awesome. However, they do over sell it. It can be very misleading and it does play on emotion. When I first saw it I was a little turned off by it but my sponsored 'kept it real' and told me that only .01% of people that have signed up so far has done that. So far so good, I still work full time, so the effort that I have put into it, has been well worth the payment received.

    I would suggest individuals to do their research as well before signing up. But I dont see any foul play. Just over excitement..
  • While the product itself is very user friendly, it is being promoted in different places for far less than the 12.95/mo plan. It offers more storage than I personally will ever use (which is great), but the claims about the money you can make within the first 24 hours, or "immediately", are entirely false. No getting around it, this is what the promo video is suggesting, and it just isn't at all the reality. It is our first month, and we have paid money for advertizing that has produced a good number of hits just in the last week or so (about 550 give or take), 2 referrals, and 0 sales. Obvious that the video that purports to "do all the work for you" is failing miserably. I'm new to internet marketing, and figured I'd have to learn by some mistakes, loss time, loss of money, wasted drop cards, business cards, and web domains that I will have to figure out what to do with. But I'll know better next time to investigate more thoroughly before signing up.
    • It would probably depend on where you are promoting it. Like the other two comments, the sales video is all hype and doesn't differentiate from any other IM sales video/product out there.

      If you were using Facebook as a means of promotion, they have a notoriously high CTR(clickthrough rate--an end user clicking on the advertisement which you placed) and their conversion rates (an end user who purchased the product through your promotional link) are horrible.

      A product like this I would promote heavily in forums and through Web 2.0.

      One thing that did concern me when checking out the affiliate link however, is that "...affiliates must pay 8.95-12.95/month just like the customers." An affiliate which has to pay? This tells me that he is relying solely on promotion to drive sales here which suggests the product of MyPCBackup as a stand-alone product has minimal value.

      At $12.95/month (assuming there is no up-sell), I suppose it would be a minimal investment to try, but this is one of those things where the old adage still stands, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'.
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