My10KModel Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of My10KModel, a website and program which promises to give their members access to an easy, automated system where they can earn up to $1,000 commissions.

According to their sales page, My10KModel provides its members with a fully automated system and rotators that it possible for all their team members to generate leads and get sales, with the ability to earn more than $1,000 per day.

New members will have to purchase the Easy1Up system in order to join My10KModel, and their website says that the features members will have access to will depend at which level they choose to join.

How Does It Work?

My10KModel is actually just another name for the Easy1Up system, which is a company that says they want to give their customers access to educational products which will teach them everything they need to know about running a network marketing business.

These tools and resources include detailed education videos and step-by-step guides which they promise will lead their customers through the entire process of setting up their business, beginning to end.

The business that this company helps you set up is selling their business – Easy1Up. In fact, you’ll be taught to do exactly what My10KModel is doing: promoting your own business to new customers, but ultimately bringing them all to Easy1Up.

Their website promises that if you follow their instructions, you will quickly be able to make back the money you spent on your own membership by selling memberships to new customers.

Is My10KModel Legit?

To answer this question, customers must first think about what makes up a successful network marketing business opportunity, and that is a company that provides good quality products to sell and an additional way of earning money, by recruiting new members to the opportunity.

The problem and the concern with Easy1Up – and My10KModel – is that these two different ways of earning money are actually just one way of earning money, since members cannot sell products without recruiting new members, and vice versa.

Generally speaking when a company only earns money through recruiting new members and has no real products to sell, it is considered a Ponzi or pyramid scheme and is not only a bad business opportunity, it is against the law. Easy1Up is selling a product, but they have structured their company in a way that there is really only one earning opportunity, and that is recruiting new members.

The bottom line is that this isn’t a beneficial business structure for people genuinely interested in earning money with a network marketing opportunity.

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