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from 221 reviews Review It is a familiar name to many people, due to their extensive television advertising.  My Life is a website that claims to be able to connect you with past friends and acquaintances, and also to let you know who is searching for you online.

MyLife often claims that it will let you know who is searching for you “for free.”  Technically, this is true.  Once you enter your name into their site, it will give you information like “5 Men and 11 Women are searching for you” including one more specific example, such as, “A 32 year old woman who lives in Anytown, USA and attended American University is looking for you.”

However, to get the specific names and details of those that are searching for you – or the details of the people you are searching for – you must become a paid member of the site.

What Do I Get as a Paid Member of MyLife?

Generally as a paid member of you get a big headache.  The complaints about this company are all over the internet, and the accusations being made are fairly serious.  They include, but are not limited to:

  1. MyLife provides search results that are inaccurate and sometimes even made up, just to entice you to become a member.
  2. MyLife “hacks” your email account and spams your contact list with invitations from you to join
  3. MyLife asks you to authorize your credit card to be charged a certain amount, but then charges you far more and more often than they said.

The first claim charges that My Life provides you with a glimpse of people that are looking for you to entice you to become a paid member.  After you do become a paid member, however, you receive a list of names that you are completely unfamiliar with.  Angry customers say this is because MyLife is making up the list of people who are searching for you.

One customer was so convinced of this, he entered his name as gibberish, similar to “sfg shgshdhsg,” and was informed that seven people were searching for him.

Secondly, the privacy policy of does admit they will scan your email contacts and send invitations out to those who aren’t yet members of MyLife.  However, they claim they will only do this with your permission.  While the argument has been made that simply becoming a member of MyLife is the act of giving permission, many complaints have been filed by people who say they never become a paid member of MyLife, but their email accounts were hacked anyway after they visited the website.

Finally, the Terms and Conditions policy states that when you sign up for their services, you are also signed up for the services of third party institutions, though these third parties and the cost of their services are not listed.  In addition, the Terms claim that only some of the website’s functions are considered free with membership, while others incur additional fees.  However, nowhere on their website do they explain which functions are included and which cost extra.

This is why customers have experienced signing up for membership on one day, and sometimes within 24 hours their credit card has been charged with over $60 of extra fees.  Other customers say they expected to pay a low amount for their monthly membership and ended up with almost $200 in charges after the month subscription was up.

All these claims and more have been outlined in a class action lawsuit currently filed in the state of California against  If you are looking for a way to reconnect with former co-workers and classmates, you should probably stick to the more established search engines and social networking sites.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " My Life " is 1.12 out of 5 based on 221 reviews.
  • Anyone can claim to be you and sign up with a fake email then put details that are true so you know they are talking about you as well as some fake information. The first time I read my profile it claimed my current residence was at the dump. Its all a scam to get money. They had me being closely affiliated with a bunch of people I don't even know.
  • Company should be investigated, shutdown, and the site closed.
  • They are horrible they cannot even get there facts straight. They also did not want to cancel my subscription. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I got messaged that, if I didnt join, Mylife would release some criminal background info to people I know.
  • This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I was googling my name to find a photo of me with my siblings on my page on a different computer than I normally use. This came up with my age, where I live and the names of my family members. I feel scandalized and I haven't even paid for anything. Why on earth would this come up when my name is googled. No one should be able to access this information without my consent. Based on the other reviews, people who are scammed may also end up receiving inaccurate information about me. Why aren't these scammers in jail yet?!?!
    • I just got some e-mail this morning claiming my annual subscription renewal

      was up, but I never, ever signed up for MyLife, and never used it, and certainly

      not as a paid monthly service. I might have tried it about eight years ago or more

      as a one-time thing on limited basis. So, this is a total scam. I had to call them

      today, and request a total cancellation, and also, an issuance of a refund for the

      past year or more, which worked out to nearly $300. At first, I thought it was someone

      spoofing on a scam about MyLife, not even the actual site, but it was. I didn't realize

      MyLife was such a sleazoid company. I'll never look at their web pages, even,

      again. What a mistake. How they hell they even had my bank account info..

      I dunno, maybe from my trial sub. years ago? I'm assuming. If they were somehow

      skimming money from you for five years or more, you have no recourse for

      the full refund, then, except to call a lawyer and actually sue them, which

      if it's only a low amount, you have to take them to small claims court. What

      a bunch of nonsense. Total thieves. (Scott B. in NY)
  • Checked information on myself and others I know. Most is totally inaccurate and downright ridiculous. There are people who actually pay them for this kind of information? If you are considering this THINK AGAIN !!!!
  • I went nosing around to check on a coworker. She claims her birthday is March 16. My Life says it is July 1.

    I decided to check my own. It does not have my birthday but the correct age and relationships minus one of my sons but includes one of my brother-in-laws. On the tease page, it shows I worked somewhere that I have never even heard of. It says I have or applied for a pilots license. Never did. It says I have a license to prescribe pharmaceuticals. I do not. I would like to know how to correct that without paying a membership. They could eff up someone's life with false information.
  • About every 2 or 3 months I fight with these clowns.. I get an email saying someone viewed my profile and left negative messages against me which could be very damaging.. I have told these people over and over to remove this so called page I have and they refuse to do so unless I paid for some form of membership.. I'm not a saint by no means but I'm sure I'm not wanted by the CIA or FBI for questioning over legal matter's.. They prey on the fear people will have over things being available online and get people to join once that happens you have to keep upgrading to get things removed that are false and should be there anyways.. If there was a class action law suit I would be happy to join and watch these people go down in flame's. SCAM SCAM All the way
  • I was looking for someone and they said for $1.00 I could look for 24 hrs. So figured what the heck I'll give it a shot. I got billed for a full year subscription! Luckily my bank took care of it for me.
    • This has literally just this minute happened to me! The exact same thing! I stopped automatic renewal, cancelled any subscription, and deactivated my account. I just got an email from my bank saying I have been charged $64.95 for the year. I have opened a dispute with them.
  • Inaccurate info short cummings on info and a scam to hit your Credit card for false charges, They offer a means to cancel on line but then evert it to a required phone call that is a waist of time getting service.

    I had to cancel my Visa, and contact my bank to not accept charges.. How ever I was stupid as I usually check thee out fits records, As I am Retired Federal Agent and know how these scam work on all levels .However there method is legal but you have to have a trained eye to catch the agreements offered and charges.
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