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from 21 reviews Review It is a rewards site where you earn points for going online and doing things you would normally do: shop, read emails, play games. In addition you offered the chance to take surveys, click sponsored links, or participate in trial offers for extra points.

These types of reward sites pay very little, generally because they are not asking much effort from their members. My Points works on a system where you are awarded a set number of points for performing various activities. These points translate loosely into cash, with 5 points equaling $0.035.

While MyPoints does not pay their members out in cash, you are able to redeem your points in the form of gift cards to various restaurants or stores.

Most customers report being very happy with the service at MyPoints, saying that they routinely receive their gift cards in a timely manner. However, some customers report that in order to earn more quickly and efficiently, MyPoints members should set their sites on shopping, especially when purchasing big ticket items, because that will increase your point totals the fastest.

The only complaints appeared to be from members who say that as MyPoints grows in membership, they feel that there has been a drag on their account recognizing some of their point earning and giving them appropriate credit for their activities.

With this in mind, if you join MyPoints make sure to keep track of your own points and earnings and to call customer service if you feel there is an discrepancies in your account.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " MyPoints " is 1.86 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.
  • I have found MyPoints to be a declining program. I don't get that many emails that I get points for clicking on anymore. They want me to watch 30min videos (that won't play) for 5 points. And when you have a problem, for example with the surveys, you can't get help. I haven't done surveys for at least a year because you do 10 minutes worth of question to find you don't qualify and get a lousy 1 point. Now that I'm furloughed due to Covid I tried to do a survey, answered 1 question to which it told me my answers didn't match and locked my account. I'm not sure if I mistyped something or there's a bigger problem, but I can't get help from customer service. They wouldn't answer me at first and now their answer is simply we can't help you. When this program started it was amazing and I would get gift card after gift card. As of late it's been more of a waste of time. Sad.
  • Now, it's called mPLUS rewards. I requested 2, $25.00 Walmart gift cards from April and May. I still haven't received them. Unfortunately, it seems like it's a scam company.
  • I was with MyPoints for several years. They deactivated my account in December and their excuses varied...

    a. Excuse #1 - need to live in US or Canada (I have lived in US all my life)

    b. Excuse #2 - They need a valid ID to stay compliant (sent that over)

    C. Excuse #3 - IP address did not match their record

    And they never responded and I lost all the earned points. They were bought out by another company last April so they are scamming everyone now!

    And they completely deleted my account. Shame on you MyPoints.
  • I accumulated points then tried to redeem for a Walmart gift card. I am still trying for 3 weeks to get my gift card. They first tell you it is being processed...Then I start a customer service ticket after receiving nothing. Now I get an email from compliance department asking for a photocopy of my government issued ID for them to keep on file. I have no idea who these people are and certainly don't want them having a copy of my ID. You accumlate points then they make you jump through all kinds of hoops if you try and redeem them. I wish I knew this going in. The time it takes to get a lousy $25 Walmrt gift card is not worth it at all. Don't waste your time on MyPoints.. There are a lot of other companies doing the same exact thing out there
  • I have tried to pay merchant payment of rs 2000 through card. I dont even get a QR code to pay. But my bank account is debited with Rs 2000. I dont know what to do.
  • I have had a account for several years.I ordered some stuff from Walmart through them a couple of times and got my points for that, but I mostly just do bonus email clicks. A week ago I finally managed to redeem my points for an Amazon $50 egift card, and today I received it!!! Yes, it took them a week to process it, but it's finally here. It is absolutely valid and I added it to my Amazon account with no problems. During my having the account I also got 2 WalMart $25 gift cards by mail, again I had to wait for them to be processed and shipped, but it was worth the wait. Now however I'm having problems with my clicks. Is anyone else having this problem???
  • Totally a bunch of awful people run by dark, evil managements. They sell your personal information and cause you to receive tons of phony phone calls every day. They also wait until your account has enough points, then suspend my account for no reason... I made several attempts to contact them, and got NO reply AT ALL. I HOPE EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR THIS COMPANY DIES FROM PAINFUL INCURABLE DISEASE. BURN IN HELL MYPOINTS PEOPLE AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!! THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF BEING UNETHICAL AND SCAMMING POOR INNOCENT CUSTOMERS LIKE US!!!!!
  • Had multiple accounts in my household - wife, kids & me - even though website states there is nothing against this, they tell after more than 5 years that all my accounts are frozen - what a scam, they make you wait to gather points and then hold them hostage - they are now not responding to my requests to cash out.
    • They did the same thing to me. I waited a couple months then signed up again. Of course I never regained all my points, but I'm still earning points and getting gift cards.
  • If you don't respond to their marketing surveys, don't expect to see any real benefits. They are all about collecting information about you to sell. Nothing is free, folks. Nothing!
  • Here's a short honest review of my mpoints experience. I had 62,000 points saved and approximately an additional 40,000 unclaimed points remaining. Never had a problem for 2 years, my mpoints account has disappeared. It's gone from my apps and no login. It's as if it never existed. So mpoints, WHERE DID ALL MY POINTS GO?!!
    • Update to my previous comment: After doing some research, I discovered that "Mypoints" and "Mpoints" are two different programs. I recently had issues with all my Mpoints missing from my account. I would like to update that since my previous comment, I have been able to reaccess my Mpoints account and my points are now all there. Also, I do not have a Mypoints account, so I'm unable to comment about that program. Thank you.
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