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My Push Button is yet another website trying to sell a “fully automated” work from home business.  The idea of a “fully automated” business is that you do nothing – except pay My Push Button Profits – and suddenly you receive a business prepared and ready to go, that will earn you vast amounts of money with very little time or effort on your part.

My Push Button Profits says that they are selling their business opportunity to just 200 people for $77, for a limited time.  For $77, you will receive 10 websites that can be set up by you – with no computer experience necessary – in five minutes.  These websites will sell a variety of products chosen by you, and all products are digital, so that there is no need for you to deliver anything to anyone or to be responsible for any merchandise.

My Push Button Profits claims that once you purchase their system, you will be immediately able to start making income from your sites, and they guarantee that you earn at least $300 a day.

So is My Push Button Profits a Scam?

Here are the (many) problems with My Push Button Profits.

First of all, their sales tactics are horribly shady.  Their testimonials and true stories on their sales page are fake – they even admit they are fake in their disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page.  They claim their product has been written or reported on by legitimate news sources, but they don’t link to the reports.

Then they have a fake counter, counting down how many products are left, to give you a false sense of urgency so that you’ll buy their product without thinking about it for too long.  But even though they behave as though they are selling out of products incredibly fast, if you try to click away from their page they will give you My Push Button Profits for only $37 instead of $77.

Next, their earnings claims are outrageous.  With barely any work whatsoever on your part, you can earn $13,000-$17,000 a month?  That’s simply not realistic.

Finally, the reality is that fully automated, pre-made websites don’t ever make good money.  The problem is that they are generic, they look and function just like every other site out there being run by My Push Button Profits, and they’re selling the same products at the same prices, so you literally cannot have a competitive edge.

The biggest problem with My Push Button Profits, however, is hardly noticeable on the sales page.  It’s one line from Jack Henderson that says, “Once you’ve signed up the only thing you’ll need to do is get people to visit the sites. Don’t worry about this… I’ll show you how to get visitors to your site from day one.”

Generally what this means is that once you purchase the My Push Button Profits program, you are now going to be bothered by emails and telephone calls from the company trying to upsell you expensive traffic packages – add ons that will “guarantee” you the traffic you need to finally make your websites successful.

The danger with these upsells is that while My Push Button Profits is a Clickbank product, meaning you can get a no questions asked 60 day refund guarantee, the additional packages will likely be paid for over PayPal or another payment method, which means they aren’t eligible for refunds.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Help me get going, or put my money back on my card
  • If they are anything like those click clone site s that are modeled on something like wealthy affiliate stay away. No I haven't tried either.just some clone funnel site. Sorry but anyone can claim there making $$$ on this site. Most people who have tried was will tell you that had to work months if not a few more before they saw any money and the had to work hard. I can tell you at this is probably most likely a scam don't waste your time or your monthly or any other paycheck on theseor any other paycheck on these sites.
  • I think the people giving good reviews work for this company. Fake customers, scam.
  • Every body get together and start a class action law suit for false advertisement this people and web sights won't learn till they get sued. Sue this basterds
    • I fully agree Armando. This basterds should be sued and charged for false advertising. My mother was scammed by a similar site and lost all her savings, money which was earmarked for me, my brother and my sister and to pay for her funeral which she didn't want to burden her kids with. These people are scum with no empathy or caring for the people they target. If I had my way I'd have them hung
  • Well after reading what you said I really feel like a fool. I wish I didn't believe people like I do I'm happy to hear I may get my $67 back I was only suckered into paying that actually thank God I hadn't gone to the bank they had me convinced. It really blew my mind when they kept coming back with more stories and asking for even more money to be apart of this exclusive club that I thought I just bought my ticket into I think they started out with 200 spots available and would end immediately well Lordy they told me that a day ago now it's up to 500 spots almost all filled up just doesn't make sense to be true. I guess my $67 bought me nothing? I'll be asking for a refund after this. Before I could even get this submitted they removed their emails like the thieves they are and whoever is submitting fake reviews just to confuse us even further shame! their has to be a way that a review a person leaves can be linked back to them to maybe deter false misleading advice. Thank you
  • I am new at this I'm single with children and on disability and don't have any extra cash so is this a scam or no I'm willing to learn if it's not I have already been scamed out of slot of money on fake promises I need to know if it's real are not before I actually get the money up
  • I've not signed up yet, but honestly there are a lot of real people. downing this system. even when dozens of real people. I really wished this wasn't a scam.
  • I was truly hoping to start this system at hope to help me earn some extra money to send my son to collage without him having to take all kinds student loans. I paid the $47 dollars to start. What a joke!!!!!they send you a link to get started and when you go to that link, its just more paid advertising. There was no link to "All ready a member" I'm so disappointed in all these people that sell FALSE hope to people that REALLY need the extra help. So YES this is a TOTAL SCAM
  • I "joined" yesterday for the $47 sign up only to find I am being charged for $977. In addition I have received 3 notifications from members who are advising me that my application has been approved? I never have submitted a application!. Pryor to yesterday these people had been sending me emails every week. I should have known you never get something for nothing, success requires hard work. I have notified them that I get my money back, but even that is difficult as no contact email appears on the website. be careful.

    One last thing. All of these type of get rich quick never tell you or show you what you are supposedly selling. Why not be honest and show the product!
  • In the beginning the jackass clearly specifies that they take care of everything! Then when they sucker you in to buying that 47, or 144 dollar package to get in, then you the real you get the real surprise! This thing is a joke just like all the rest. Get you in, steal your money, then good luck trying to get it back. False advertising! Just like all the other idiots! Don't waste your money. I'd like to meet that Bechtold asshole so I can punch him in the mouth1
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