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Mystery Shopping can be a fun way to earn some extra money while not having to go out of your way. The idea behind Mystery Shopping is pretty simple. Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses want to know how they’re employees are performing when management isn’t looking over their shoulders.

They send in mystery shoppers to assess how their store handles customer inquiries, sales techniques, or whatever else the owners think may need improvement. As a mystery shopper you are given a specific assignment for what to buy, what questions to ask, and instructions on how to complete a detailed report.

When you are asked to purchase things in most cases you will be reimbursed after you submit your report. The pay varies based on the job, which is why a lot of people sign up with several mystery shopping services at the same time.

There is one very important thing that you need to be aware of if you’re going to seriously pursue mystery shopping. Many scam artists have started masquerading as legitimate mystery shopping companies.

So here are some tips for staying safe with mystery shopping…

    1. Never pay money to become a mystery shopper, or for that matter any kind of certification programs.


    1. Keep a list of all the real companies that you’ve registered with and know what their email addresses look like. Scammers will send out emails pretending to be real companies, but these are easy to spot since they use free or foreign email addresses.


  1. Most importantly if you get an email asking you to cash a check or do a Western Union “mystery shop” immediately discard it. Real mystery shopping companies will never ask you to do anything involving sending money, cashing huge checks, or anything financially sensitive.

With that being said if you are careful about what you’re doing and only stick to the real companies provided in this list or other trusted online sources then you should have no problems with mystery shopping.

Below you will find a list of Legitimate Mystery Shopping Job Companies:

Mystery Shopping Jobs (A-B)

Mystery Shopping Jobs (C-L)

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  • Seems like there could be a lot of fraud you would have to decide thru , but they did a good job of trying to make you aware of tnis
  • Listen Everyone.

    This is a hobby. Its a couple free pizzas a month and occasionally a $150 focus group that you drive to Pittsburgh (my area) for. But can I live off this alone? NOOOOO not unless i have another Real Job which I do. Its fun and a hobby but dont hope to feed your family! I am making extra fun Money and I enjoy telling my opinions so I will be checking out many of these. Also check in your local big city for a actual market research company. I did and made $150 to talk for 2 hrs about mashed potatoes! We got gift cards but it was gas money for the month!
    • Hi you have any advice on where I would go to find a Market Research company in our biggger city near by? I would so do this for a little extra.
  • I would like to know do you get w-2s from all these companies that you shopped for? and if so do you pay social security and federal income tax on your earnings, it seems like it would be quite a hassle to deal with 15 or more w-2s, on top of your regular job

    thanks for any info william W.
  • I've done Confero pretty good, kind of slow paying, but I just do the Ingles shop. Been with them since past Christmas and helps pay water bill some shopping money. Would recommend.
  • I'm intrigued.
  • Hello, I haven't actually tried mystery shopping, but would love to give it a try. I think I'm not in the right place to look for work. This appears to b for people already shopping. Help please.
  • I wondered if anyone knew of any company's out of Canada?
  • Just found this site and found the info helpful. I am just starting the process of mystery shopping. Would like some more recent posts of good companies to work for. I live in seattle
  • I would love a job
  • Greetings all!

    I would like to find the list that everyone is talking about. I think that it was something prepared by Jerri?

    Like everyone else, I'm really in need of some legitimate work at home options. I've signed up for so many Mystery Shopping and Survey taking sites but, they want all of your personal details, then they hit you up for money of course. To top it off they want to pay you with gift cards. I don't know about everyone else out there but, my utility company and landlord wants cash, not gift cards, lol.

    If someone out there can point me in a "legitimate" work direction, it would truly be appreciated.

    • no luck here either...
    • I'm in same boat as you. I see your post is several months old; have you had any luck finding online or mystery shopper jobs and if so would you share your information with us.

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