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My is a paid survey company that has been around for a few years, and while you may have heard of them or even worked with them before, they’ve recently updated and changed their system.

Previously, My View had their members create PayPal accounts that they used for all payouts, which would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete. Now My View has altered their system so instead of Pay Pal cash payouts, they reward their members with prepaid Visa cards.  While this isn’t a cash payout, the new time for transaction completion from when you request your Visa card to when you receive it is supposed to be only 2-3 days.

They are also planning on incorporating other rewards into their program – magazine subscriptions, gift cards to certain stores, charity donations, etc.

Because of their new rewards program, My View no longer applies monetary values to their surveys.  Instead you receive points for completing surveys, and your My View account will let you know how many points are necessary to redeem what rewards. Because of the new point system, My View now rewards points to members even when they are unable to successfully complete a survey, which they “Just for Trying” points.

So is My View a Scam? does not ask for any membership fees or payments of any kind.  They don’t require you to sign up for trial offers that you will need to cancel in the future, so in general, My View seems like a legitimate survey company.

Previous complaints about My View had to do with how little money was earned and how long it took for the company to pay out members’ money.  However, since My View has transferred to the point and reward system, it will be interesting to see whether or not they improve in that regard.

Unfortunately, My View does not accept open membership.  Instead,if you’re looking to make money taking surveys with My View, you need to referred by another My View member or by a company that does business with

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " My View " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • I've been doing surveys and trying products for about a year now. I was just really amazed at the amount they pay you. One time I received $30, once $40 they are amazing 5 thumbs up!
  • They have been great. So far, they've done exactly what they have said they would. And around Christmas, they sent me a $10 bill, with no strings attached. I've been doing surveys for them for about a year now and will continually do so.
  • I would have given this site a 5 star rating however, in the past 2 weeks I haven't been able to get on the site. No explanations, no email invites or anything. Was a great site to get easy gift cards. What the hell happened to them?????/
    • I have been trying to exchange my rewards for a gift card but unable to I also have not received any surveys either I contacted and they said they don't have my name or email on record I have been a member for a few years and never a problem until about a month ago
  • I have been waiting since 1/12/15 for my Visa card and have been back and forth emailing them and I get nothing but excuses and promises about when I will receive it and after 9 weeks still NOTHING! I have spoken to others who are also having a hard time getting their rewards as well. BEWARE!
    • they have always been reliable for sending out the prepaid visa cards usually within 2 weeks. Recently something has changed I have now been waiting more than 6 weeks with no response from them. Something stinks in Denmark and I shall not do any more surveys until I get paid.
  • Been with myview over a year and a half and all I accumulate and strive for are the 25 dollar prepaid visa cards. Even with a busy schedule it takes me about a month and a half to cash out for this code. They send you a code within a hour from cash out and you have a choice at to wait a week to receive a physical card for a 3 dollar processing fee or get the full 25.00 as a online use card only. I choose the only code link it to my Amex Serve acct and transfer it to my account. Instance 25.00 physical dollars. On my card or at the atm. Great panel just gotta be patient.
  • i think my view is the best site so far..though i like swagbucks a lot..i would compare my view with swagbucks.

    the reasons why you should myview

    1.good amount of surveys

    2.even if u get screened out,you get 100 pts in ur credit

    3.points add up very quickly can easily make 25 $ in a month and a half

    so go ahead.i give myview a THUMBS UP!
  • I have had no problems earning points since joining up with MyView last month, but I have come across two things in the last 24 hours that might raise some red flags.

    Yesterday, I took a survey that ended up with me being qualified to participate in a "live chat" survey this Tuesday at 5:00 PM (ET) where I would be paid $30. After I agreed to the conditions and all that jazz, I was told they would send me an e-mail to the survey link that I could click on when the time came to take it. It's now about 24 hours later and I have yet to receive this link and at this point I don't think I'm going to be. If I'm right, there goes $30. :(

    And now today, I decided to use 150 of my points to enter a sweepstakes to win 50,000 points. After I did this, it took me to a page with a summary of my order and a "We've e-mailed you a copy of this information for your records" message. It's now an hour later and I have not yet received the e-mail they promised.

    Not receiving promised emails might not mean the site as a whole is a scam, but it could be a sign that something isn't right.
    • UPDATE: I received the e-mail for the $30 survey a couple hours ago, but I'm still waiting for the e-mail confirmation one.
  • I have 200,545 points in myview and suddenly they suspend my account permanently with no valid reason. Screw you myview. Quit scamming people who genuinely making surveys
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible survey panel!!! I used to actually like it in the beginning, because I would accumulate and redeem points pretty fast. However, last time I ordered a $25 amazon gift card, and guess what. I waited about three or four days for the award to arrive (this is how long it would usually take, at least in my case), then I tried to log in to check on the gift card and instead I saw a message that my account was permanently suspended. I contacted them right away, got a response from some Angela who of course did not give me any decent explanation. I am still shocked and very upset about this, but there isn't much I could do - all the power is in their hands. Shame on you,!!! I hope your business will go down the drain.
    • I feel for you girl. I have 200,545 points and when i signed back i couldn't because they permanently suspend my account. I didn't get my $150 worth of visa reward. I feel so badly mad in them after they emailed me that they permanently suspend my account. Screw their site. May God bless their not reputable and not credible way of making business. Screw myview for not being fair of their judgement.
  • I advise people to stay away from that fraudulent website.

    I ordered an $15 iTunes Gift Card for my reward points and it was supposed to be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks?!?!?! Within that period I did not receive my reward, so I contacted them. Some Lindsay Moore ([email protected]) sent a pretty shallow remark to my inquiry and that was all...

    Do not waste your time with those scam artists!!!
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