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My is a paid survey company that has been around for a few years, and while you may have heard of them or even worked with them before, they’ve recently updated and changed their system.

Previously, My View had their members create PayPal accounts that they used for all payouts, which would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete. Now My View has altered their system so instead of Pay Pal cash payouts, they reward their members with prepaid Visa cards.  While this isn’t a cash payout, the new time for transaction completion from when you request your Visa card to when you receive it is supposed to be only 2-3 days.

They are also planning on incorporating other rewards into their program – magazine subscriptions, gift cards to certain stores, charity donations, etc.

Because of their new rewards program, My View no longer applies monetary values to their surveys.  Instead you receive points for completing surveys, and your My View account will let you know how many points are necessary to redeem what rewards. Because of the new point system, My View now rewards points to members even when they are unable to successfully complete a survey, which they “Just for Trying” points.

So is My View a Scam? does not ask for any membership fees or payments of any kind.  They don’t require you to sign up for trial offers that you will need to cancel in the future, so in general, My View seems like a legitimate survey company.

Previous complaints about My View had to do with how little money was earned and how long it took for the company to pay out members’ money.  However, since My View has transferred to the point and reward system, it will be interesting to see whether or not they improve in that regard.

Unfortunately, My View does not accept open membership.  Instead,if you’re looking to make money taking surveys with My View, you need to referred by another My View member or by a company that does business with

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • i got a virus on my BRAND NEW computer! i'm pissed and going to file a complaint with the BBC if any body can send me an email with info on how to do that i'd appreciate it ALOT! thanxs
  • I used to love my view's website for supplemental income and regularly earned $25 every couple of months. However, lately they've eliminated electronic awards via Visa and Amazon. Have been waiting three months for a $50 gift card. Confirmed with their reps that it was sent to the correct address. Recently requested another $25. I've suspended any further surveys pending receipt of rewards. Pursue at your own risk.
  • i think its good....
  • It seems as if you guys aren't doing the surveys right, I have made nearly 400 dollars in a year in a half. Points accumulate quickly for me, considering my occupation. Do the surveys right, be honest, and you'll get places. MyView orders a certain number of Visa Gift Cards and Amazon Gift Cards per month. I was told this by Jordan Miller, the community representative. Certain people will do better than others on this site. This is one of the better programs around.
    • how can them not doing suverys right make them not get "paid? They are talking about getting paid the money that was already in their account. claimed it and never got it
  • Bad site! Continuously going down. It takes ages to accumulate points and ages to get that gift card you applied for. And even then they send you an unactivated card, so shop assistant looks at you as you have stolen this card. Stupid questions about your income, if everyone in your housenhold are working during the day and what sort of assets do you have fed me up. You have to spend half an hour to earn 200 points which equals $2! Even computer game is better than this, at least you are enjoing the game! Get out if you are in, and do not bother to subscribe if you are not timekilling pensioner. I am out of here!
  • It takes way too long to get enough points.

    Same story as others had - disqualified at the end of the surveys so many time. Wasted time.Right now I'm waiting for the first "real" reward to show up - a gift card - c'mon it took me forever and they dont't send it. they said fulfillment time was 1 week, and now it's been more that a month and they mentioned the card was "lost" in the process of fulfillment? Really!And another time they mentioned it was not send by a vendor yet? what part is true? Besides, they send cliche e-mails, generic every time..

    AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - AFTER JOINING THEM I GET ALL KINDS OF MARKETING CALLS ALL THE TIME ON MY BRAND NEW PHONE NUMBER. I used to not getting those calls. And some of them I can trace to My view, and to medical information I gave ONLY them! Can you imagine? Disappointing ...
    • Yeah, I should have given them 1 star, but I kinda hope they'll stick to their rules and I'll get the card eventually.
  • I have been with my view for about 5 months and I was excited about this site. I recommended this to alot of my friend and family. The first time I filled out surveys and the points added up quickly, I received a 25$ applebees card in about a week after ordering it. But after that my experience with this site went downward, I have been waiting for a visa card for almost 2 months, I was told that they will add a new card every friday and after almost 2 months, checking back everyday its still not available, very disappointed I dont know if I will continue to use this site anymore.
    • Same here!And sometimes it takes too long to accumulate enough point. This is the first time I got enough point to redeem for a giftcrad but they seem to "loose" it as one of the words was. Tend to send cliche e-mails also. I'll see how this "lost" gift card situation goes and post more details. And could not find them on Facebook to get more of their attention...Disappointing...
  • I was able to redeem for a restaurant card in about a month after joining. I waited over 20 days before i contacted even though they said it would be a week. They told me to wait another 5-7 days. Here it is 27 days later and i still have nothing. I was so excited about this site. Well not anymore
  • 3 months later and haven't even reached the 33000 point mark. They send you tons of emails for "high paying" surveys. i.e. at least a 1000 points ,which is still nothing, really. when you log in they are 350 points. several times I will qualify for a 4000 point survey and everytime something will go wrong and I won't be able to cash out or get credit for my's consistent, and I believe not a glitch in software. They still get you info, though. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME> I'm still trying to cash out from months of work to justify all the time loss.. I don't think they offer the visa cards anymore either.
  • I have been with My View around a month now. It is hard to get the surveys to add up very quickly BUT I have got to cash out already on a $25 Visa gift card. When I went to cash out it said that it would prob. take about a week for me to get it. I thought that not to bad. Anyway later that day actually 3 hours later I got back on the computer and guess what? My pre-paid Visa # was ALREADY IN!!!! That's SUPER FAST!! I went online with Wal-Marts and got me a pair of Dr. Scholls shoes which I badly needed. My experience with My View so far has been great!
    • Yeah Rhonda, ever since the summer the rewards have arrived faster than before. Visa Cards and Amazon Cards come within hours, compared to a week.
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