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from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of Needle Advocate Marketing, a company which says they can help businesses get new customers while providing people with an interesting work at home opportunity.

This company says that their service can help online companies with new customers, original content, shopper engagement, and creating a new and loyal customer base through their use of their online advocates.

People who are interested in working with this company can apply to become a Needle Brand Advocate and take advantage of one of their many work at home jobs.

How Does It Work?

First you will take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out a detailed questionnaire, with the goal of showing the areas in which you have some sort of expertise and will be able to help the websites they partner with.

Once you are selected as a “Needler,” you will begin working directly with customers that shop at the online stores that partner with Needle, providing answers to their questions and sharing how your own experiences can help them make purchasing decisions.

In addition, you may be asked to provide the website with new or additional original content, or to provide feedback and advice on the content they are already offering their guests and customers.

As a reward for the work you do with this company, will reward you with points which you can then use in their own online store to purchase products you want or need.

The Concerns

The fact that does not actually pay their home workers is a concern, especially when you realize that they are charging the websites they work with between $1,000 and $3,000 per month for the work that you are essentially doing.

They also are not willing to provide the public any information on what kinds of items can be purchased in their store, how many points will be needed for the items you will find here, and how many points you earn for the hours you work or the number of customers you work with.

The lack of information is troubling, especially because this website is promoting their service to the websites that pay them as having high quality advocates that have expertise in various areas – but how many high quality experts are they able to recruit with a payment system of points?

The truth is that there are other companies out there that provide this same service, but instead of treating their workers like volunteers, you would be considered an at-home Call Center representative or Customer Service representative, you would have clearer responsibilities, and you would earn an hourly rate of pay. This type of more reliable opportunity may be better suited to some people.

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