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from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of NerdBux, a website which uses the “pay-to-click” method of earning, where members are rewarded for watching sponsored advertisements with cash payments.

The homepage of NerdBux says that members can get paid “every five seconds,” which is the minimum length of time that an ad submitted to their website will run. They also promise a manageable low payout minimum and instant payment to the processor of your choice.

Members who are new to this site can sign up for a free membership, through they do offer an upgraded membership with benefits as well. All you need to do to get started is provide them with your full name, your year of birth, and an active email address.

Earning With Pay-to-Click Sites

Pay-to-click sites can pay their members using the funds they receive from the advertisers which use their website to reach new clients and customers they may not have had access to otherwise, which can increase their sales and traffic and possibly expand their demographic.

Members of pay-to-click sites watch the ads submitted by the advertising companies, which generally last between five and thirty seconds on average, sometimes longer, and are paid for it.

The payment you receive for watching these ads is very low; NerdBux even explains that some ads pay in tenths of a cent, which means that serious earners may need to approach pay-to-click earning with a strategy.

What To Know

All pay-to-click sites like,, and NeoBux give their members extra ways to earn. One way to improve your earnings is to upgrade to a paid membership, which gives you the ability to not only earn more, but to have a lower payout level so you can receive your payments more often.

You also earn more money if you refer friends and family to sign up with this website as well. If you do not have enough direct referrals to increase your earning potential, these websites allow you to get rented referrals to supplement your earnings.

Finally, also has additional earning opportunities, like their NerdGrid, a game of chance you can play multiple times a day for a chance of winning extra cash. They also have extra monetary awards for their top 50 referral leaders.

Despite all the additional earnings opportunities with, people should know that earning money with pay-to-click websites can be a lengthy process, and they should be properly prepared.

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