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Neucopia is a company which claims that their main purpose is “creating abundance for life” not only through giving their members the ability to make multiple streams of income, but also through promoting positive life experiences.

They claim that their company can team you up with the most successful coaches in the world in order to help you get out of debt, and even potentially earn enough money in the next few years to live on “for the rest of your life.”

The business opportunity they are offering is a multi level marketing opportunity, or MLM, where you sell memberships to Neucopia. These memberships give you access to what they describes as some of the best educational marketing products available today.

The Compensation Plan

There are two different memberships available. The Basic Membership costs $49.95 and then a monthly subscription fee of $49.95. The Premier Membership costs $269.95 and a monthly charge of $169.95. In order to purchase either membership, you will need to be invited by an existing member.

Basic Level members will need to make two sales to become active, after which they will earn $25 per sale, plus $25 a month residual payment, $100 for each Premier sale, and a 10% match on personally sponsored Premier residual income.

Premier Level members have the same compensation plan, except they do not need to make sales to qualify, and they will automatically get the $25 earnings and residuals on Basic Level sales, and $200 per Premier sale and $100 residuals thereafter after making two Premier sales to qualify.

Is Neucopia a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid, or Ponzi, scheme is a money making opportunity where money isn’t being earned by selling a real product, instead the only money being earned is that being contributed by new members who sign up.

Neucopia says they sell products which help people create an advanced marketing system, as well as help influence you to get the most out of life with experiences like traveling the world and building long lasting relationships.

This combination of selling inspiration in addition to marketing products that you can use to promote your business opportunity is not unheard of – there are other similar companies that do the same thing, such as the Empower Network.

The bottom line is that as long as the marketing products sold by Neucopia can be applied to any business, and not just the business of selling Neucopia products, then it’s a standard MLM business rather than a pyramid scheme.

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