New Affiliate Cash System Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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David Michael, spokesman for the New Affiliate Cash System, found online at, says that he earned $263,000 in just 60 days with this internet business.

According to the sales page, David Michael spent ten years working in the marketing department of a major nutritional company and says this is what gave him the information to know how to make “millions of dollars” online.

Customers who are interested in this company can get their business “up and running in 5 minutes,” with a fully working website ready to go for just a monthly hosting and maintenance cost of $29.95.

The Promises

New Affiliate Cash System claims that they will give you a website completely set up and ready to go, including a “guaranteed traffic program” because the website itself is not nearly as important as getting visitors to your site.

Once the visitors get to your site, two things take place. First, they have access to many different companies’ free product trials, and each time they sign up for a free trial, you will be paid a set affiliate fee for sending a customer to that company.

Second, your users will be told that they will receive a tree planted in their name by a charity if they sign up for your free newsletter. In addition, they can have trees planted in the names of family and friends as long as they sign them up as well, which gives you an excellent email list building method.

The Problems

Business opportunities and affiliate programs which promise that they will set everything up for you, provide you with a “ready to go” website, and give you guaranteed traffic generally are seen as “too good to be true” and usually are.

Even if a business opportunity pans out and does help you generate an income, technically New Affiliate Cash System owns your business – you will not be able to take your website and apply new strategies or markets to it.

Also, David Michael says that if you do not earn $100 within 48 hours, he will pay your $100 out of his own pocket. But this guarantee is not detailed anywhere in the Terms & Conditions, so really there is no real legal recourse if this deal is not honored.

In general, a business which promises to do everything for you and makes outrageous earnings claims like $263,000 in 60 days are not a safe investment. Users who still choose to try this program should be familiar with the company cancelation and refund policy before they invest just in case they are not satisfied with what they receive.

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