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New USA Funding, found online at, is a website and organization that says they can help people get access to the millions of dollars in funding available through the US government and private foundations across the country.

According to their website, there are thousands of federal programs, state programs, foundations, corporations, and other funding agencies that will provide funding for all different kinds of reasons and all different kinds of people.

This company says they can show you “how to get your hands on some of the free funding that is available,” for the small fee of just $29.95, which they say is the smallest fee they can charge to cover their administrative costs.

Getting Started

Besides the administration fee, users will be asked to fill out a basic questionnaire that will help their teams assess what funds they may qualify for, if they qualify at all. To begin with, you’ll have to categorize what type of funding you are searching for.

Funding options include Business Funding, Real Estate Investing or Business, Community Funding, Education and Tuition Funding, Real Estate Home Purchase or First Time Home Buyer, Personal Assistance, and Home Repairs.

To finish your application, you’ll need to answer questions regarding Citizenship, Age, Gender, the amount of money you are hoping to be funded, a description of how you plan to use the money, an explanation of you think you are an ideal candidate for funding, and your contact information.

Is It Legit?

This is an important question to ask, as there are many unethical companies out there that charge fees for promising to help people try and receive government funds, which the vast majority of people will never actually qualify for.

New USA Funding tries to prove that their services are ethical by giving their users a guarantee, saying that they will refund the $29.95 administrative fee to anyone who was denied funding, if they provide them with the information of the funding agency you applied to, the response you received, and the application you gave them.

Unfortunately there have been complaints filed that this company has difficulty honoring this guarantee, often making members wait weeks for even a basic response saying that their refund request was received. Because of this, people should only feel comfortable using this service if they are ok with losing their registration fee.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " New USA Funding Reviews " is 1.59 out of 5 based on 39 reviews.
  • O Well I'm not surprise
  • If your paying a monthly fee for grants your still not getting your about as smart as a box of rock's !!! Give me the $35 a month and ill find you a loan !!!
  • I agree with other users, this 'company' is full of s-----. Promising to help a person find obtained grants instead a person fill out application pay registration fee then pay fee again to somebody else. BS! A person need Financial help now not pay more money. BOGUS. Never use this again.
  • I fell for it, they got my money and now I can't get a refund, if they think they are going to get the monthly fee from me there crazy, I got nothing for my $29.95 that I couldn't even afford in the first place. When I go to Log In they say they don't recc my username or password

    Have great day and God Bless All.
  • I want my money back
  • Not a scam at all! There are thousands of applications on the website and the website is very easy to use and very impressive! There are grants on there for every type of situation. It's a great resource and worth every penny. You sign up and log in and you will see just how many applications are on there. Worth every bit of the $29.95 you pay for their service of finding all these applications from all over the nation!
    • Yeah right! you must work for the company and they wanted to get someone to post a good review so other folks can get scammed too! Thanks but no thanks. I CAN FIND MY OWN APPLICATIONS ON LINE DOING RESEARCH JUST LIKE THEY DO AND I DON'T HAVE PAY A CENT FOR IT. That's why when dude called I said I could not afford the price of $29.99, then wanted to take $10.00 off and charge me $19.99 never said anything about recurring monthly payments. I thought it was a scam.
  • THEY assured me i would get a refund if i did not get grant and SAID ill give you 10$ off 24 help sounded like a scam
  • ...I would like to have access to a listing of SATISFIED members...Please advise...
  • I have tried for 2 days to reach someone to cancel but I’m either on hold for extended periods of time or they disconnect me once I start to tell them I need to cancel. I believe this is a scam. As I write this I was hung up on again.
    • They hung up on me the first time.The second time i was put on hold for a extended amount of time.The guy who finally talked to me was so rude, i wish i could get my hands on him.They reluctantly reimbursed me.
    • contact the BBB, its a scam people. don't give them 29.00, u wont get it back either
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