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New Life ProfitsNew Life Profits, by Michelle Mathews, is a work at home program promising people the chance to earn $379 a day.  For only $99.00, they promise you the ability to be financially independent while being your own boss working from your own home.

New Life Profits promotes the business opportunity of link posting – or, as they call it, a “Search Engine Agent” – which is actually a form of affiliate marketing.  According to Michelle Mathews, you are paid by major corporations to post links which advertise their products.  Unfortunately, this is not the whole story.

The truth is that you become an affiliate of a corporation, in which you strike a deal where you pay to post advertising links for them, and if someone clicks that link and purchases the product from the company, you are given a percentage of the purchase price.  Instead of “being paid to post links” you are really given a commission whenever the link you paid to post results in a sale.

Now, affiliate marketing is a legitimate work at home business and people do earn money doing this kind of work, however the fact that New Life Profits would mislead their customers concerning the nature of the business they are trying to sell is not a good sign.

Other Warning Signs

Fake News Site for New Life ProfitsFirst, New Life Profits is being promoted by a fake news site, which is a type of advertisement that attempts to pass itself off as a local news organization doing a story on this work at home opportunity.  Fake news sites are in the process of being banned by the FTC for their purposely deceptive and misleading practices.  Consumers should be wary of businesses that are associated with them.

Second, this business is represented by “Michelle Mathews,” who is likely a fake persona created simply for the purpose of promoting work at home business opportunities.  Unfortunately, this name has been associated with so many scam operations in the past, that it is a terrible sign another company would so willingly choose to use this name in association with their product.

The same goes for the infamous “Kelly Richards” featured in the fake news site.  Kelly Richards and her blog have been used in almost every major fake news advertisement in the last year or two.  At this point, the use of that name is as big a warning sign as anything else.

The Bottom Line

While New Life Profits does have an “Iron Clad 8 Week Refund Policy,” the details of that policy are very particular.  You must be able to prove that you logged into their system and attempted to use it for 20 days before you are eligible to request a refund.  At that time, your use of the system and the results will be analyzed before the company decides whether or not to honor your request.

This is a pretty difficult refund policy to begin with, made even more difficult by the fact that multiple customers complain that after they paid $99.00 they were sent a login name and password which failed to log them into the system, and even after days of calling and emailing customer service, they still were unable to login.

Though this failure to login was clearly not their fault, by New Life Profits’ company policy this means those customers would be ineligible for their refund.  With all the evidence combined, consumers should stay far away from this product.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Scam 100%. This did nothing for me after 6 months, (duh I should have stopped spending money earlier, but trusted my girl who was selling) They should bust this company.
  • this scam and other like Internet cash machen and Online Wealth Formula lead back to a 2004 real estate scam from 2004 FINANCIAL HEALTH COACH look at the terms and conditions link from scam site this line YOU HEREBY RELEASE, REMISS AND FOREVER DISCHARGE FINANCIAL HEALTH COACH on a site about Online Wealth Formula proves it

    In short AVOID AT ALL costs this group are long term scammers
  • It looks like this company or similar company has re-surfaced. has the exact same webpage and they are charging $99.75. They still lead you to believe that you will get paid $15 for every link you post. As said before this is affiliate links so you only get paid if someone buys from your link. They also promote the idea of Search Engine Agent Education Program.
  • In the process of signing up my internet connection got disconnected and I assumed the transaction did not go through. I was surprised to see a charge on my next credit card statement from "newlife profit" for a service that I did not receive. I have tried repeatedly to contct customer service or support without any luck So this seem to be a scam in fact.
  • This is a SCAM. They are affiliated with Clicks to Cash and fortunately I know a little bit abour Virginia Law and was able to get a full refund. Although, they said it would take up to five days and I just cancelled last night. If any one has purchased this Scam within the last three days you can use the "3 DAY RIGHT OF RESCISSION" LAW or threaten to REPORT THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND USE WORKDS SUCH AS "ADVERTISING MISREPRESENTATION"

    Be very clear that their so called ordering system did not give you an option to review your order it would only allow you to hit continue, then you had to purchase a VIP program and finaly the only way to get out of the whole mess of orders that you dont want you can only X out of the screens. I have a more direct phone number of 800-584-1307. Remeber to immediately talk to a manager, get her of his first and last name and or operator number. I am going to paste the terms of agreement to the bottom of this review.

    These terms are not offered to view untill after you have given them your credit card number. All of these company's are unlawful and need to be shut down for good. I am personaly working on that. In the mean time be creative with the law, Read the terms of aggreement(this is a Unilateral Agreement) these types of agreements need to be viewable to a prospective client prior to giving a credit card number. ALSO, If you do get a refund have thenm give you a confirmation number.


  • WARNING!!! BEWARE, THIS IS A SCAM!!!! A lesson learned..... But do I feel dumb!!! If it wasn't for my daughter to help me open my eyes and check out GOOGLE regarding this, to good to be true opportunity!!! Thanks to GOOGLE and my Bank, Customer Service Dept. They were a huge help. And yes, I'm calling the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office to complain about this unethical business practice. CHECK GOOGLE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. DON'T GET HOOKED LIKE I DID!!!!
  • and i followed the link to their advertisement on the time magazine ...interesting. and thanks guys for the heads up!!
  • New Life Profits is the biggest con game. I signed on for $29.99 on 8/14/11. Afterwards, I received a response that New Life Profits was taking out $99 and I would have to request a rebate for $70. I tried canceling the subscription and there was no link or button to unsubscribe. I called the customer service number at 877-790-7746 and spoke with Nick. He said it would take 5-7 business days to refund my money. New Life Profit put my bank account in overdraft and took no responsibility for taking an unauthorized amount. I am in the process of calling the BBB. Michelle Matthews and Kelly Richards should be prosecuted.
  • THIS IS A SCAM!!! It is not a paid for link posting opportunity. The first thing they want is a $5,000. investment. When I challenged them as being a scam I was called a douche bag. Stay Away!
  • I signed up with New Life Profits for like $49.00. I received a call from them stating that they hand select a few people to personally instruct/tutor them to financial security. After spending over an hr and a half on the phone with someone called "Max", it came down to him requesting my debit card #, and then calling my bank to verify it was my acct. It was a three way calling type deal, and he told them that this was a transaction on my behalf, for $7,200!!!

    I immediately hung up, called my bank & put a 100% block on my checking acct. He never mentioned anything about $7,200 before this. I fell for it---remember, if it sounds way too good to be true, more than likely, it IS some kind of scam. Anyway, they barked up the wrong tree with me, as I am reporting them to the BBB for starters, the Attorney Generals Office, Newspaper & Magazine publications, local television news stations, etc. Pissed In Washington State....
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