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News Daily 7 ( is a web advertisement meant to look and seem like a legitimate news report. This fake news site, and other sites like it, are generally promoting a work at home business opportunity.

Sites like News Daily 7 usually tell the story of a work at home mother, often times named Kelly Richards, who was having trouble making ends meet until she came across a particular work at home opportunity. But this opportunity gave her the ability to work from home making just as much money, if not more, than she would have made at a traditional job.

These fake news sites often have an IP tracker which allows the site to tailor the story to your particular location. Sometimes the news site simply claims to be from your state, while other times it even changes the location of the story to your home town. They do this so the opportunity seems even more real and possible to you.

The Danger of Fake News Sites

The problem with fake news sites is that they are a particularly manipulative form of advertising. Nowhere on the site does it obviously reveal that it is an advertisement, and they claims being made by the article are simply company slogans and sales pitches, rather than fact.

Instead, you must scroll all the way to the bottom of the site, past the many fake comments to the fine print. Even then, the fine print only says that they aren’t actually affiliated with any of the logos on their page – it does not actually come out and say that they are an advertisement for a specific company.

In fact, the fake news site has become so problematic in the world of internet advertising, that the FTC recently announced a permanent ban on fake news sites that attempt to sell health and wellness products, on the grounds that it is actually dangerous for a product making health claims to promote itself using a platform that people rely on to be factual and researched.

Hopefully this ban will set a precedent for the FTC to ban fake news sites entirely. Especially with the current state of today’s economy and job market, it seems particularly unethical to allow companies to manipulate unemployed Americans looking for a way to make ends meet.

If you come across a company using this method to advertise themselves, regardless of what website the ad originally appeared on, the company it is promoting is nearly always a scam, and if not a downright scam, then at least unethical and probably not the company you really want to do business with.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " News Daily 7 " is 1.29 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • Two more fake news sites are: Weekly Jobs Report and Finance Reports
  • report them to wc3 and other sights, as well. I want these scammers taken down. They are using spam to promote thier business. One of their emails was sent to me saying that I was tagged with my child in Norway, and tagged in another video. Then it takes you to this sight, it's a scam for herbal life. Don't do it, don't ever waste your money on businesses that allow their members to promote spam emails, to get more business. You're going down, one way or another, if i gotta keep filing complaints, weekly you're going down. I can't stand this company, also reporting google, as well. Google let's them advertise.
  • These ratbags took my business name, created an email address and sent the link to a friend of mine....not sure how many others received an email supposedly from me.

    The only environment they could have found this name in is Facebook. I have tried to report it to Facebook but haven't had much luck with the rather unhelpful Help menu that FB offer.

    They used the name Cubrix as a web address but the link led to the news daily 7 website offering the work from home scam. It also listed a number of people who were happy, successful customers with a Facebook look of people's profile pictures - none of which showed a face, just the blank outline of a head.

    Very angry!!!
    • And......there is no phone number or contact details for them on their website, unless you want to sign in on their email they have your information and you still know nothing about them!
  • Can you give me information on a web site "
  • This so called 7 news thingy has hacked in somewhere of mine, and is now sending me emails telling me how I made money. Sheesh, if your gonna scam & spam me, at least do a decent job of it, and if I've made some money on it, please send it so I can sue you.
    • They did the same thing to me.

      the worst thing is they send e-mails to people who I hardly ever contact. stay away from them
  • just be smart about things people.. you tell your kids not to talk with strangers, well.. these scams have been going on since dial up wowd us in the beginning. overseas nerds can easily (based on sheer numbers) invade your email by "phishing" ur generally easy to hack passords, and also sickly easy to do nowadays with all this mobile connectivity aswell. there are many ways to protect yourself and stay up to date on avoiding online wiseguys.. just as you did a little thinking for yourself and found this helpful article, you can too look up ways to avoid another spam and keep phin do dum in thailand from talking to bob from accounting on your contact list.
  • I am more careful about this kind of thing. I received this "unsolicited" news article. After reading the article, she claims the funds go into her checking acct via direct deposit. First, the date on the check is 2008. Second the check is drawn on a European bank called Citibank Europe ip. Third, you could not cash this check, it would be in Euros not dollars
  • Well i fell for this just now. It came from what appeared to be my good friend who new i was out of work. I think somehow they got my email from Monster as i have my resume posted there. Now im wondering how i go about getting my money back and preventing from stealing my identity.

    I called my friend as i was looking this over, he didnt answere so like a fool i submitted my debit card info to them.

    Has anyone else fell for this????? What ddi you do to resolve this issue????? HELP!!!!!!!
    • Contact your bank and tell them to stop payment on it immediately. Make sure you tell them it is a fraudulent charge.
  • I tried to sign up, but my card wouldn't work, does this mean payment hasn\t been made? I didnt get a message saying thank you for your payment or anything, it just said Account ID mismatch and also 'only Visa can be used on this account' and no confirmation of payment message came through you think I will be Ok??? I'm worried!
  • They hijacked my email address and sent their crap over the world
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