No Website Millionaire Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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No Website Millionaire is a new work at home opportunity that promises anyone a chance to earn money basically overnight using an automated system that does not require you to build or maintain a website.

Like many other online money making opportunities, No Website Millionaire says their system is easily used by anyone of any age, regardless of skill or technical experience, to “immediately” make money.

In order to get started, the video presentation promises that they will show you how “plug in” to various income earning streams as soon as you sign up as a member, which initially appears to cost a single payment of $49.

The Problems

Visitors of this site that regularly investigate online money making opportunities should already know that one of the biggest red flags you can encounter is when an opportunity refuses to tell you what type of work you will be doing.

No Website Millionaire is an excellent example of this. Their video presentation focuses entirely on convincing you that you will make outrageously large amounts of money with very little work, not only from the promises of the opportunity’s creator but also from “personal” testimonials.

At the end of the video you are then asked to go ahead and pay to be a member of their system, without ever being told what you will actually be doing and what kind of commitment is actually expected of you.

The Dangers

This type of work at home opportunity is working hard to target people who genuinely need a second – or primary – income stream to help alleviate debt or financial stress and are willing to try anything.

Unfortunately, though the video presentation emphasizes all the money you’ll save by not having to build or maintain a website, user reviews of this opportunity regularly report that $49 is not the last money you’ll invest. Some users report monthly payments to No Website Millionaire themselves, while others report being told repeatedly that they need to sign up for many other monthly services in order to truly reach their income potential.

Finally, because this company does not really provide any Terms and Conditions, any Contact Information, or any other real legal security for their potential customers, there is an excellent chance that any money you invest in this opportunity will simply be lost if you are unhappy with your experience or what you receive.

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