OMG Free Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of OMG Free, a company established by Greg Morrison, Mike Long, and David Mills, which promises to give people free training on how to earn money online.

Their promotional video says that they want to share with people how to earn a lot of money simply by placing free ads onto the internet, and they promise their customers no overhead or significant expenses.

In fact, they say that all visitors to their website can begin their training immediately just by accepting Greg’s invitation to become one of their free members and submitting all their contact information to their website.

The Promises

In addition to promising their customers access to training for free, they also promise that you will be getting high quality training from eight different business partners, all of whom are able to earn six figures in income each month.

That being said, their video also promises that they understand not everyone visiting their website has much knowledge or understanding of internet marketing or even of information technology or online business in general.

Because of this, they promise their website visitors that they have designed their training in such a way that absolutely no skill or previous experience will be necessary to your success. Anyone will be able to go through their training and become a successful internet marketer.

The Truth

Unfortunately OMG Free appears to be just one of thousands of different websites that promise people the ability to earn thousands of dollars a month using basic internet marketing skills and techniques. These companies are a dime a dozen, and honestly they information they provide to their members is generally basic and often available online for free.

The danger of signing up with this company is that although they claim to provide you with free access to their training, this is generally just the first step they take toward getting your contact information and setting you up to become a paid member of their program later on.

In fact, OMG Free used to be called OMG Machines, until it received too many negative reviews and decided to rebrand itself for new customers. Previous reviews of OMG Machines said that their full training course was priced at $699, and provided the same basic information that customers could find in literally hundreds of other places online.

Customers who think they are interested in learning about internet marketing should start with free online resources and should know that they don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars each month for special tools and services that they aren’t even really sure what they do.

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