onBux.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

onBuxonBux.com is a pay to click website. PTC websites post content by advertisers that their users view. onBux users click on the individual ads to get further info from the advertisers, and receive payment of a predetermined amount for each ad they click on.

Like most PTC sites, onBux is free to join.  Their general rate of pay is up to $.02 per click, but there are also upgrades, investments, and referrals you can make in order to raise your click rate.

You can acquire referrals directly, where you recruit people to join onBux and list you as their referrer, or you can rent them from onBux for a daily, monthly, or yearly fee.  They also allow you to “recycle” referrals.  For an additional small fee, whenever your referrals become inactive, they will be replaced by new, active referrals.

onBux allows you to receive your first payout after you have both earned $2.00 and made sixty clicks.  You must do both of these things before you can receive your first payout.  After this first payout, you will never again have a click requirement, however the monetary payout requirement is raised by one dollar every time you cash out, until you reach $10.00.

So What’s the Deal with onBux?

When onBux first began, they received a lot of praise from their users and reviewers alike.  They are free to join, they guarantee ads, and their payout system was well regarded.

Unfortunately, there has been a vast change in onBux within the last couple months.  They’ve increased their security program significantly in order to protect against hackers and bots.  While this is a good thing, the by product of increasing their security is that the system targets real users as a security threat and kicks them out of the program.

These users must then either try to defend themselves to onBux, which reportedly has resulted in them being unable to reactivate their accounts, or they can “admit” they did something wrong, be punished by having their earnings stripped, but then they can reactivate the account under the promise they won’t “do it again,” though users report having done nothing wrong to begin with.

In addition, their payment system has begun to have trouble.  While they used to be considered very reliable for paying out earnings in a timely manner, these days some people are waiting weeks, even over a month to see their payouts.  And to make that problem worse, if you contact their support to ask for help with why you aren’t being paid, you get placed “at the back of the line” and are likely to wait even longer for your payment.

onBux still has many fans who have had no problems with their service, but forums and complaint boards have shown a noticeable increase in complaints within the last couple months.  Hopefully, onBux will be able to get their system back up and running with reliability soon.

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