OneOpinion Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of OneOpinion, a company that says the only opinion that matters is yours and their goal is to give people a way to make their opinion heard.

Their website says that it is completely free to join their survey company and to qualify to try new products and provide feedback for them, all while getting paid for your valuable opinion.

How Does It Work?

OneOpinion says that whenever they send their members a survey they will explain exactly what is needed, how much time it will take to complete, and how much you will earn once the survey is done.

This website also says that when their customers complete a survey or product feedback questionnaire, their points will be instantly available in their account. No more will customers have to wait for days to confirm that they were rewarded for their work.

Once customers have accumulated 25,000 points in their account, they will be able to cash out their account to PayPal or to VISA gift cards, and since 1,000 OneOpinion points is equal to one dollar, that means members will have to earn $25.00 before they can withdraw their money.

Is OneOpinion Legit?

Generally speaking there is really one two important criteria to assess when deciding whether or not a market research company is legitimate, and that’s whether the service is free to join and whether the company reliably pays their customers.

OneOpinion appears to do both of these things successfully, so they are definitely an ethical market research company for members to work with. But it doesn’t mean that this company is without complaints.

It seems that there are some members who have voiced their frustration with this company online for two reasons. The first is that this company doesn’t always have surveys available for their members, so it can take a long time to earn money.

The other complaint customers appear to have is with their qualification process. Customers said that they frequently felt as though they answered many different questions before they were kicked out of the survey and told their responses would not be counted.

To be fair, these are very common complaints for almost every company in the market research industry, and it is difficult to tell if they situation is worse with OneOpinion than with other companies. Members will likely have to make that determination for themselves.

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