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The OneX ( is a matrix earning program partnered with the QLxchange. For a fee of just $5, you can join the OneX matrix and start earning money today.

OneX works with two stages of commissions, and four tiers of earning within each stage. The initial $5 investment is the only time you will pay money “out of pocket” according to OneX. The cost of each additional upgrade will be paid for from your OneX earnings.

The price to upgrade doubles with every tier and stage, so while the initial payment is $5, the final upgrade cost is $640. The costs of upgrading are paid to your upline, as your downline will pay their upgrade costs to you.

Each time you upgrade, you receive a lesson that will help you expand your work at home business. Technically, the lessons you receive when you upgrade are the product that is being sold.

But the main focus of OneX is to recruit members and convince them to upgrade, as their fees are paid to you and the sponsors above you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " OneX " is 1.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
  • Scam, I just tested the waters with them and when I couldn't call them back for some sort of consultation, those telephone numbers are dodgy, you have no way of contacting them. When I started to email them and ask them for my money back, they stopped all communication. Some Leo Thomas or Marlo Lis. Those must be made-up names, but as I said, just testing the waters, money wise and they prove to be a gang of scammers.
  • I don't recall exactly when i registered and it doesn't really matter. In a perfect world and everyone did as the program suggests it would work for everyone. However, this is not a perfect world and their mission statement doesn't hold water. Thumbs down on this one
  • I joined One X little over a year ago and haven't made a dime! My upline keep telling me to purchase more keys but I refuse to until I make some type of profit. Thieving Bastards!
  • A 5 dolllar scam joined a year ago has not made a penny.
  • SCam! I only registered to vote or so I thought and next thng I know I get an email saying I purchasd 60$ of votes on my MC. I hadn't even bid on anything.The customer support link is not valid and it say s just go to any CS support at the end of every page. Haven't seen one yet
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