3 Different Online Business Systems
that You Can Make Money With

When people head to the internet to find ways of making money, they are often surprised by what they find. While many of them are looking for traditional work at home jobs, such as telecommuting positions, what they often get are online business opportunities.

Many of these online business opportunities try to pass themselves off as “jobs,” since they know that is what many people are looking for. Others, however, try to convince you that being your own boss is a dream come true, and for many people, it may be.

Starting your own online business can be difficult, especially if you make this choice on a whim due to a convincing business opportunity sales page.  Instead, take a look at the top three most popular online business systems, and see if one works for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular form of online business. The job of an affiliate marketer is to promote the products or services of a partner company by using internet links. If your links result in sales for that company, you will receive a percentage of that sale.

Affiliate marketing, or internet marketing, can manifest in many different ways, from sending emails to a list of customers recommending a service or product, to creating a website that promotes these products and services.

This is often the most profitable of online business systems, but it does require a lot of time and effort, especially in the beginning stages. Affiliate marketing thrives on your ability to find potential customers, i.e. getting web traffic, and this is probably the most difficult thing to achieve online.

Network Marketing

Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, is the oldest and most established form of online business. Network marketing is when you join a company as an associate and earn money not only by selling their products but also by recruiting new company associates into your own personal downline.

Network marketing clearly predates the internet by decades – consider Mary Kay, Avon, or Amway. However these companies are really profiting from making use of the internet for both recruiting and sales purposes.

Network marketing business opportunities are often called a scam, due to their low percentage of associates that are actually able to make a decent yearly salary.

But the truth is that while network marketing is clearly not for everyone, those with a knack for salesmanship may discover that this opportunity is right up their alley.


Blogging is a bit trickier to categorize as an online business system, since it be used as a form of affiliate marketing if you choose to directly promote products within your blog posts. However, that is not the only way to make money while blogging.

The most popular way of making money with your blog is simply by advertising. Allowing programs like Google AdSense to post the ads of other companies on your blog is free and can add up to big bucks over time.

This is the most popular online business system for people looking for a “unique” way to make money online, because you can precisely tailor your blog to your interests and expertise, even if that happens to be something as specific as growing exotic orchids. In fact, the more specific your blog is, the higher its chance of success.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you are considering a specific type of online business systems, reviews will be your best friend. Someone somewhere has already tried that business and has documented their experiences, positive and negative, somewhere online. Take advantage of these reviews, and learn from their mistakes.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • There is a big difference between joining Herbalife, and joining Herbalife through this OBS middleman. I am a new HL distributor, and everything has been explained to me, crystal clear and in person. Please do not dump on Herbalife because you are getting it "second hand" by people who are too lazy or unethical to meet with you in person. Find a local coach, and have a tete-a-tete with them, and attend a couple of the many informative/training meetings. Yes, some levels do make $42k a month (wow)---after many years of dedication and work. They work right alongside you. I know, it is happening with me...I see those high-earners, in person, often! Herbalife is a global company, successful in 80+ countries worldwide. They don't need to scam.
  • Well im so confused. I was going to sign up but I don't have $400 to invest at this moment. But with all tha negative reviews im having 2nd thoughts about OBS smh. I like my coach and I really wanna take a chance with OBS but now i jus dont know =<
  • I received my package- my $39.99 package plus $9.99 shipping- and found it to be worthless- just testimonials of a cheesey guy with messy producted hair driving around in his Mercedes, and other folks placed in various lush settings, telling you how great it is to be successful- but not giving any disclosure as to how. You will not be anymore knowledgeable after reading and watching a DVD and listening to a audio CD.This was a total waste of time and money. there is nothing in the package worth 39.99. Meanwhile, there are disclosures flashing across the screen-now I am a very fast reader, but they do not stay up long enough for you to read them completely. After watching the DVD several times, i finally was able to read them- states that the" majority of the people do not make back their investment and the top 25% were compensated on average 2900.00 for the year 2011. So the DVD is saying one thing and the disclaimer another. When I did talk to a "coach", I was told it was Herbal Life, and that there would be another investment.The "coach " sounded like she was reading from a script and eating at the same time- not impressed. For the $399.00 start up package for Herbal Life- you get a month's supply of vitamins, so you can try them out. That is a lot of vitamins to take in a month! We started to have a" problem with the phone" when I started to question the deceptive nature of the business.

    I will return my package.
    • How did you return it? I was told that there were specific instructions on how to return it, but I did not receive them. Please help!
  • OMG - I am now terrified that I have made a stupid mistake. Today I received my supposed kit at a cost of $9.95. I thought it would show me exactly what is involved so I could make an informed decision. It's just more stuff about getting rich, having freedom and versatility. Nothing about what I'd actually be doing or what the product is. My first coach phone call is scheduled for Thursday (2 days away). He was too busy to call tomorrow. I decided to do a little research to find out more as the 'kit' was a huge letdown and told me nothing. I found these reviews! AND...that I'd be selling Herbalife...AND...having to outlay more money. Why trick people like this? Why not be more upfront with the info provided in the DECISION KIT? I should have researched more before clicking on that button. What a dill. I doubt I will go ahead with this now. Just hope I am reimbursed and dont lose money :-(
  • The biggest scam is from those who didn't get into the business and then go on line and call it a scam. They have not earned the right to say so. I retired from owning a successful franchise business before going with OBS. I would have been elated if all the start-up costs for my previous business had equaled that of Online Business Systems! What a bargain! I have learned first hand that OBS is legit and that it does work. Just understand, it takes a different mind set to run a business compared to having a job. And, too, look at the facts.....Herbalife is a major international leader in the multi-billion Wellness Industry. That's a scam?
  • I ordered the home business kit. (2 CD's that told you absolutely NOTHING except if you do this you'll be rich!!!) It never even tells you that it's just Herbalife. I sent my package back before the 90 days were up for my full Refund and I sent the package UPS so that I could have my return receipt. I emailed the "coach" Dan Rodgers, that was assigned to me and asked when my refund would be credited back to my card since it was debited from his name. He said the package was never returned, so I checked with UPS and in fact it hadn't, ONLY because when they tried to deliver it, they were told the business moved! I immediately let Dan Rodgers know this and asked if he even knew the company moved. He called and said the company did NOT move and that UPS just messes up. BULL CRAP!! SCAM. I am still trying to get my 40.00 re-imbursed. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!! they use the BBB to say they are such a great company!!! I'm reporting this to the BBB as soon as I leave this post! do not fall for this. the website is http://onlinebizsys.com/ SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
  • I am so irritated as I read all of these reviews. I have now been working with Online Business Systems for 9 months and am successful and happy. Yes, there are costs involved with starting a business. That should be common knowledge. The Decision Package that you are speaking of is there for a reason. We spend a lot of time with the people that we work with and we want to make sure that you are serious. It is also there to introduce you to the people that you will really be working with. It is not to scam you out of money. I have consistently made $4000.00 plus per month the last 4 months by working with them. It took some initial investments and hard work, but am I glad that I became involved. I have been able to move up the marketing plan very quickly and my husband is hoping to quit his job in the next year so we can have freedom from answering to anyone.

    I am a coach and I sincerely care about my team and I am dedicated to anyone who becomes part of my business. We work very closely together every day to make sure that we are all successful!! OBS believes in people first and money second. I am sorry if you do not have $399.00 to get started, but again, there are costs associated with running any business. I can lead you to THOUSANDS of people that work with OBS who are successful, happy and ABSOLUTELY elated that they are part of an organization that is all about success and happiness. If you want to change your life, go for OBS. If you don't, than feel free to sit on the Internet and write nasty comments about something that you really know nothing about. None of the people who have written anything on here actually got into the business. If they had, their words would be very different. OBS is not for everyone, but it does work very well for a lot of us. OBS has changed my life and the future of my family. I am grateful everyday for this business. After reading all of this negative stuff, I encourage you to go find the positive information on the internet about OBS and make the decision for yourself. Why would you let some stranger online make life changing decisions for you??? Talk to your coach.....ASK QUESTIONS...you will get straight answers...I guarantee it!! We want to work with serious people...no matter your money situation. Many of the other costs that people are speaking of are optional and not mandatory....why did they not write that in their review? Most likely because they did not know because they did not ask. OBS has many ways to generate business for free of very little money. We create different business plans for everyone that matches their goals and business budget.

    I could go on and on...so I will stop. I really had no intention of writing anything...I hear people talking of negative things being said on the Internet and I was curious. I am disappointed in these people...they are really talking about something that they know nothing about as an insider because they did not ask questions.

    OBS is great...go for it...if you follow you coach and your business plan, you can change your life..remember that.NOTHING WORTH HAVING IS EASY TO GET!! Make your own decisions!! You will always find negative people in this world. I choose to follow positive, successful people. Who you follow is up to you....
    • how can i get a hold of you to start the buisness?
    • Wow....see i am really thinking about getting into this. Tha only reason why i havent dont it yet is because i dont have tha money at tha moment. ANd then after reading all tha negative reviews im started to have 2nd thoughts. But after this your review mom of 3 im so confused now. I dont know should i take a chance on this or not.

    9207 NORTH 9TH AVE.

    PHOENIX, AZ 85021
  • I ordered the business review materials just to find they'd sent me a packet full of advertisements. I am in the process of trying to get my money refunded. I have put a stop payment on the 39.95 they are getting ready to go to my account. Whatever you do don't fall for the scam. They are dreadful.
    • Selling Herbalife is a pyramid if you are on top life is good. If you are on the bottom it is not so good. I have friends who sell it and they are able to make a living doing it. However, they sell the product out of a nutrition store that is next to a gym and this allows them opportunity to have people come to them. I do use the product and lost 40 pounds, which I have kept off for 9 months. This is a first for me I usually lose 40 pounds kept it off for a couple months and gain it back. I would not say it is a scam. You just need to know what you are getting into. It is not for everyone. If you have the desire to work hard and market the product you will do well. There are not many things in life that come easy.
  • Why don't OBS ever be upfront with all the costs associated and what the business will entail instead of going through these ridiculous phases of scheduling calls and getting surprised? I did my call with one of the coach and hanged up. I understand to start a business requires upfront capital. Also, the CD and material was all bunch of useless information. Quite honestly, this is not a business it is nothing but a losing proposition where I agree with the previous reviewer that this will leave you broke and in debt.

    I would rather have a kiosk stand at a mall selling other consumable goods instead of this pyramid MLM nonsense. Be careful and do your research before making a decision to go forward.
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