Online Career Finder Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a website that promises folks easy money for simply posting links online. This is a common bait and switch gimmick used by many work at home con artists to trick job seekers into paying for business opportunities instead of finding real work.

The concept of posting links on Search Engines to make money has been debunked hundreds of times; Google itself has even taken legal action against these scammers. Websites like Online Career Finder try to convince you that you can make money by simply posting links but they purposefully don’t tell you the full story.

What they’ll really show you how to do is called affiliate marketing, and is the business of promoting products through online tracking links. Each time a customer follows your link to a merchant’s website and completes a sale you’re credited with a commission.

This is a legitimate process and many people do earn a full time income as affiliate marketers. However, what Online Career Finder doesn’t tell you upfront is that you’re responsible for finding the customers. Additionally they make it seem like you’ll get paid just for posting the links when in reality you only get paid if someone completes a sale.

In some cases you can get away with just posting your affiliate link and hoping you get a sale but any successful affiliate will tell you that this process is much more comprehensive. Not only do you need to target your customer base, but you need to generate traffic to your sales offer and convert a website visitor into a customer.

So is a Scam?

The fact that this site deceives people into believing that affiliate marketing is as easy as posting links online is enough to label it a scam. Yet there’re even more red flags here that should send you running from “Michelle Matthews” and Online Career Finder.

This site actually started out as by Michelle Miller but as complaints against the program mounted the owners changed it to and now in its third version to

Take a look at the similarities…

When a company changes its image and domain name so many times it’s a clear sign that they’re trying to avoid bad press. This means there’re a lot of unsatisfied customers leaving negative reviews for Online Career Finder all over the net.

If you combine this with the fact that they’re deceptive about the opportunity they’re selling then you have more than enough reasons to stay away from this company.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • horrible scam it is a waste and i think that the people on the other side should get fined and all our money refunded
  • what a scam! it looks to me as insects trying to eat or get rid of each other,,all battling to get someone on their bait! better not believe on any of those home job stuffs, if there are really some legit site out there well..I wanna be the first one to know.Good luck everyone!
  • Always try to remember the old adage when looking at things like this, "if it looks too good to be true, it is usually because it is a lie". 'Nuff said I think.
  •, is this another one of those programs? same person doing it?
  • Michelle Matthews has a site that is automated home jobs for $29.00 posting links as stated above. I am glad I googled her name and saw this site. This is the only negative site I could find and I will tell you I am glad I did. I know with the economy as it is no one can afford to lose any money let alone one dollar. So Thank you for your posts as I will NOT fall into this scam. Why are these scams on the internet? who is regulating these?
  • This home online jobs by Michelle Matthews is definitely a scam. I followed the links required to do the training by Michelle Matthews and paid about $29.00 for a supposedly discount membership and $17.99 for a VIP member book as well and when I went back into the training I couldnt get back in, it automatically shut down. Yes I got scammed!! I will never ever do something stupid like this again, so as soon as you see a link to this scam STOP and get out of there asap or you will be scammed too.
  • it is a huge scam do not fall for it
  • I'm so very fortunate that I was not taken like so many others. There would be no need to advertise something and sell it so hard if it actually worked/did what they promise. Do some searches on the search engines they apparently work with.. google? yahoo etc... for her name and this wealth centre/search engine advisory. Find many people posting their own stories and what you really get on sites you report scams or misrepresentation, false advertising etc... I hope at least one person that purchased this and the numerous upgrade fees will know they helped one person from being taken. In my situation just know that I am so greatful, as I couldn't have afforded the 49.99 (at least that was the price I viewed the add) without an impact on my week debts.

    I extend a big thank you, and am truly very sorry for you lose.
  • its now changed to
  • Jackie, I paid 67 dollars to do the training and it just teaches you more about ebay. I got ripped off of my money and can not get it back. I do not recommend you doing this if you want to make money.
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