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Online Career Journal
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Online Career Journal


The Online Career Journal is a fake news website template used to promote a host of make money online opportunities. This site uses many deceptive tricks and sales tactics to convince unsuspecting customers to click through and purchase their recommended programs.

For starters the site is designed to mimic a real online news site like CNN or MSNBC, however if you actually take the time to explore it you’ll quickly realize that it’s nothing more than a one page advertorial.

There are no news stories, none of the links in the navigation work, and the “comments” section is completely fabricated. On top of that they use an IP reading script to customize the title of the article to fit your geographic location.

This is a very effective sales technique as the article profiles a young woman who’s making a fortune using their work at home kit. This sense of familiarity helps people believe that if someone from their town is doing it then they can too.

This template is very effective and for that reason it’s constantly being recycled and only slightly altered. In this case the title of the site is the online career journal found at, but there are hundreds of different variation floating around under different names and urls.

So who is Melissa Johnson?

Again this is another fabrication that these marketers have come up with. Her story is not real and the name used changes just as often as the site itself. Melissa Johnson is not a real person and you should not fall for her “success” story.

The danger with these fake news sites is that they are constantly changing and promoting various dubious offers. They’re so easy to put together that it makes no sense for the owners to keep them around longer then they need to.

In this case the Online Career Journal is promoting some program called Online Home Careers. You can rest assured that as soon as this one stops making them money or generates enough bad press they’ll simply move on to the next hot get rich quick scheme.

The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to stay away any product that is promoted through these deceptive measures. If the product was legitimate and produced honest results then they wouldn’t have to go through all the tricks to sell it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Online Career Journal " is 1.22 out of 5 based on 41 reviews.
  • Thank you for your helpful information! All questions answered Best regards Felix
  • Desperate to start earning nearly got the better of me. lt was sent to me by a reliable source - now obviously a hacked email account - l was convinced and was in process of registering. Comments were all positive so decided to check the site and came across your warnings. Well done and thanks to all who commented. Have to warn friends cos their contacts are being used.
  • Online Career Journal is indeed a scam. In Finland, her name is Veera Koskinen.

    I could try contacting them by using my trash email account (and a fake name).
  • Thanks for the info. A guy with excellent command of english with the number +442033188708 called after i try registering it to see what's it about. He was very persuasive at first and pushy when i start doubting because it when he said its about a pre-automated software that selects stocks and invest in. All i got to do is to deposit of USD250 with my credit card and they will add in another extra USD125 to it. Seems too good to be true. I keep saying that i only want to find out what its about and he said he already explain to me so i need to deposit the money to 'activate' my account. Once I said I would like to consider and get back to him, he straight away cut the line. Let's hope no one else get caught with it.
  • What I really find disgusting about the "Career Journal" is their use of recently deceased peoples (in my a case a close friend) e-mail accounts to send the message from.
  • Been there, done that, didn't like it
  • With respect to Career Journal UK. Thank you for confirming my suspicions. It does however make me laugh because this woman is so badly spoken that what she has to say is almost incomprehensible. You would think that in their own interests the morons who run this scam would at least have the nous to find an actress who can speak intelligible English.
  • To echo others comments......

    "thanks for the warnings I nearly did sign up, with a Crap economy in Australia at the moment, sites like this can be very tempting, but I'm glad I checked.

  • Complete scammers and spammers. They use my home email account to spam all of my contacts. Disgusting people. Have reported them to the police:

    [email protected]

    Suggest you all email to this address and they might take it seriously and close them down.
  • Why are you using my sisters name who is deceased and sending these emails to her contacts???????
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