Online Income Access Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Online Income Access, found online at, is a new work from home opportunity from spokeswoman Ella Nelson which claims to provide a “proven” way for anyone to earn money and “change their lives.”

The website claims that Ella Nelson is a “famous pioneer” of this industry – link posting – and she offers the only certification program in the world for this industry, which accepts only 15 people per city.

If you are interested in getting access to her training videos and becoming a Search Engine Agent, you will have to pay a one time fee of $97.95 to get instant access to the members’ area. But once you begin, Online Income Access says you can earn money within minutes.

What is Link Posting?

Link posting is a type of affiliate marketing, an internet based work industry where at home associates partner with both major and independent companies to promote their goods and services by posting links online.

Though Online Instant Access says that associates will be paid simply for posting links online, this isn’t true. The reality is that you will only be paid a commission whenever that link results in a sale. No company pays you simply for posting a link.

More Problems

While link posting and affiliate marketing are legit earning opportunities, Online Income Access not presents this opportunity in a very misleading way, it also exhibits signs of unethical sales tactics.

First, this is certainly not the only certification program in the world for link posting. There are hundreds of programs exactly like this, as well as many different free resources online that explain this opportunity.

Second, this is an independent business opportunity, so Online Income Access cannot guarantee you a position as a “Search Engine Agent,” nor does it make any sense to limit the number of people they accept.

These sales tactics are generally associated with scam opportunities, because they create a false sense of urgency, encouraging people to purchase the product before they fully think it through.

If you are considering purchasing the Online Income Access training program, they describe two different types of refund policies on their website – it may be best to contact Customer Service before purchase to determine the actual refund policy before you input your credit card number.

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