Online Income Generator Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Online Income GeneratorThe Online Income Generator at is an online business opportunity recently gaining popularity.  The Online Income Generator claims to have limitless earning potential with no experience necessary.

Though there aren’t very many specific details about the business opportunity on the sales page, you’re told that you’ll be getting your own online store from which to sell a variety of health supplements and celebrity endorsed products.

If you put in your information to receive your Online Income Generator Starter Kit, you’ll see that the cost is $99.00, but your kit will come with a mail-in rebate offer for the full $99.00.  30 days after you sign up for your starter kit, if you haven’t canceled your membership, you will be charged $19.97 then and every month thereafter for hosting and maintenance of your website.

However, unlike most other membership business opportunities, this $19.97 is not actually an automatic charge; you will have to authorize it every month.  Because of this, you are welcome to cancel at any time, but it’s likely you won’t be able to receive any refunds, as you will be aware of authorizing the charge every month.

So What’s the Deal with the Online Income Generator?

Well, the Online Income Generator is more the name of the Starter Kit than of the actual business opportunity.  The business you are buying into is actually Herbal Biz.

Herbal Biz is a company that sells you a web store, from which you sell products that they offer.  If someone purchases a product from your website, the Herbal Biz company is responsible for sending it the customer.

You earn 50% commission for every sale you make.  In addition, Herbal Biz will pay you $35 plus 5% of sales for every new Herbal Biz sales associate you refer to the business.

Most customers report that the Herbal Biz web store is pretty easy to operate and they have decent support help if you need it, but it’s more of a way to make some extra money during the month then a full time job.

Also, the web store is pre-made and offers little opportunity to customize, so there’s not much opportunity to set your store apart from all the other Herbal Biz stores out there.  In addition, the only way to be really successful is if you have the time and money to really market your website, though truth be told, that is true of every internet based business.  The more people you get to your website, the more money you will earn.

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