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Online Income Solution
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Online Income Solution


Online Income Solution is a new website that claims to teach people how to make money from home. On their website,, they state that “all you need is basic typing skills and internet access to start your own successful online business.”

The website features several popular media logos yet they clarify in their disclaimer that there’s absolutely no form of affiliation or endorsement between these major companies and Online Income Solutions.

After you fill out your preliminary info you will be taken to the official sign-up page. There’s not much information about what the program is actually about but from their list of partners and pictures of their customers’ success accounts it appears to be an internet marketing training course.

Their initial package is sold for $19.97 which covers the cost of the tutorials only. When starting an internet marketing business there are additional costs for services that you need to set up if you really want a successful business.

Finally they claim to offer a 60 day money back guarantee, albeit with some serious caveats…
Before requesting a refund the following conditions must be met:

1. You must have given the Online Income Solution an honest try a minimum of 2 weeks.
2. This will give you enough time to put our systems into place and to start to see results.
3. You must have contacted our customer support team for assistance if you do not feel the program is working for you.

It is unclear what “giving the system a try” actually involves and how many additional upgrades or services you’ll have to sign up for before you meet that requirement.

In addition, most make money online programs are sold through the ClickBank payment processor which offers a no questions asked money back guarantee. The fact that Online Income Solution is using a different payment processor suggests that getting a refund may not be that easy.

If you need to contact the company you can reach them by email at [email protected] or at their main office:

iNet Squared Ltd
Lace Market House
United Kingdom
+44 115 933 8310

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Online Income Solution " is 1.43 out of 5 based on 216 reviews.
  • it is a fraud. The claims are lie, they will just suck the money out of you.
  • hi i have registerd by paying 19.97$ US dollar,but after that no response from this company.Would anyone please tell me what is the next step and how i can start working and to earn.
    • IT IS A SCAM YOUR NOT GOING TO START WORKING!! Now call your bank and get your money back!!!
  • Hello Sharon,

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. First of all, please accept my apologies regarding this matter. I must stress for the record that all of these emails are coming from one of our affiliates (partners), and NOT us personally.

    The affiliate responsible has had their account suspended with immediate effect, as we DO NOT tolerate hacking into people's email accounts and we are taking this situation extremely seriously. If you have any questions or receive any more of these emails please contact us directly at: [email protected]

    I hope that this information has been helpful.

    Kind regards, Stuart Calladine Online Income Solution Customer Support [email protected]

    • Hello,

      I wish to sign up for online income solution,but I have a question and I will sign up If I get a perfect answer for it.My question is that - How much money will I have to invest to start earning ?

      Kindly answer this question with all the possibilities.

      Thank you in advance
  • I am really disappointed in a company that has to hack into someone's personal address book to get

    potential customers. Also want to let you know that I have turned your company into the "FLORIDA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE" for investigation and prosecution. And by the way, one of the addresses your person stole belongs to my 13 year old granddaughter. If you would like a copy of the email that was sent to my friends and family just let me know and it will be forwarded.
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