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Online Profit Masters
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Online Profit Masters


Advertisements for Online Profit Masters ( have been popping up lately for work at home related internet searches. Unfortunately, the sales pitch for this business is not new, nor is the proposed opportunity itself.

The website uses popular sales techniques to get you into a “buy it now” mentality, appealing to your emotions and desires for a profitable work at home position.

You can see this with their claim that there is only 1 position left in your city – a completely fabricated claim since they’re selling an online business which by nature has nothing to do with where you live and, more importantly, has no shortage of positions.

This is followed by the even more egregious claim that, “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make $379/Day From Home!” This type of inflated income claim should be treated as another red flag, along with their misuses of popular news organization’s logos.

So What is the Online Profit Masters System All About?

When you get through the sales pitch and the special report from Patty Joyner you’ll see that Online Profit Masters is all about Link Posting. According to their projections table you can make a ton of money (100k+) by just posting links online.

This is not the first company to sell the link posting myth. This biz-op has been around for several years and has accumulated many negative reviews and scam accusations. The truth is that there are no companies out there who pay these bogus sums to simply post links online.

The only way you can make money “posting links” is through affiliate marketing, a system where you promote products or services through personalized tracking links that earn you a commission if one of your referrals makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business however, unlike the claims made by Online Profit Masters, nothing about this is guaranteed and you most definitely do need computer skills and an understanding of internet marketing.

Is Patty Joyner’s Online Profit Masters a Scam?

The sales page contains many red flags – everything from hyped income claims to symbols of extreme wealth like pictures of a yacht, Corvette, and mansion. These are not typical things that you would find on a legitimate job application or business proposal.

If you need to reach Online Profit Masters for customer service or a possible refund, they can be contacted at 877-387-1585 or through email at [email protected]

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Online Profit Masters " is 1.14 out of 5 based on 151 reviews.
  • Thanks to all!!!! i almost fell into d trap..
  • I want to join it but for a moment I just try to read its users guideline and finally your reviews save me from this scam .........thanks a lot again to all for save me
  • Thanks a lot to gentlemen for your excellent review about online profit. I want to join it but for a moment I just try to read its users guideline and finally your reviews save me from this scam .........thanks a lot again to all for save me
  • Thanks to all of you for saving me from this trap......
  • Hey, yes thank you to everyone!! I too almost just fell for this bullshit and I am so glad that I did not go through with this.. Can someone lead me to a website or somewhere online on which I could make some money working at home and online?? Please let me know if anyone knows any real legitimate work from home jobs. I have tried so many and I have not yet to find a part time job doing this. I have been looking for years and if anyone does know a real online job and not a scam please let me know. Thank you so much and have a local night!!
  • i want to work and make money online
  • I thought I was a smart person and I'm so embarassed that I was taken for a ride with this horrible scam. I did everything they told me with zero results. After the initial investment you'll constantly get calls from other sources pushing you to invest more money. After wasting $30,000, we were fortunate enough that we were able to bounce back but I'm sure there are countless people out there that this system and systems like it have ruined them. The man that we talked to in the beginning was such a smooth talker and made promises that were just not true. I hope some agency is looking into these programs and shut them down before any more people are victimized...
  • Thank you all for your valuable suggestions, coz i was almost willing to make the payment. Your comments are like an eye opener for me and saved me.
    • I'm so glad that you did the research and are now not considering doing this. The best decision you've ever made, believe me.
  • Hello everyone, I was just a step away from involving myself in a trap. But as I always do, I did some research on the internet looking for forums and people opinions and experiences with this kind of web sites. I was skeptical from the beginning that it's a scam but the offer sounded pretty much attractive so for a moment I started to believe in it. Thanks a lot to all of you who shared your experiences with us. P.S. This is the site on which I saw this attractive offer for working from home and earning some jackpot money just by attaching add links on websites. And I can tell you that while I was writing this review I refreshed couple of times that page and the offer for the package you need to start to work discounted for 50%....from 97.75$ it comes down to 47$! Ppl be aware!
  • thanks alot for showing the true picture of this scam
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