Online Riches University Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Online Riches University is a new Wealth Development Certification program that promises to train its members in a way to make money online, where they are guaranteed to earn more than $300 a day.

This training program promises to teach people how to earn money by link posting, which they describe as a way of working for major companies by placing their company links online for them.

Though the website goes into great detail about the materials and tools offered to their members and quotes it as being valued over $2000, the current price of enrolling in their program is just $47.

What is Link Posting?

Though the Online Riches University makes it sound as though link posting is a type of job where you are working for a variety of major companies doing tasks they assign you, the reality is that link posting is an independent business.

As a link poster, you will partner with other companies to put links up online for their goods or services. These companies will not pay you a set fee for posting each individual link, as the website claims.

Instead, if the link you posts results in a sale for that company, you will earn a commission, which is generally a set percentage of the sale price of that item or service, or some companies may offer a set fee which will be paid to you when the sale is completed.

Identifying the Warning Signs

Unfortunately the Online Riches University has many different problems, or red flags, which indicate that this is a less than trustworthy company that users may want to think twice about doing business with.

For example, they describe their program as “the only certified program in the world,” when in reality there is no overseeing agency or regulating body that can or does certify these programs – its an empty claim they use to make their program seem worthwhile.

Then, of course, they also make outrageous earnings claims and guarantees regarding what their users can expect to make. More than once throughout their sales page, they mention being able to make almost $60,000 per year working just one hour a day.

While there may be link posters that make this kind of money, it’s only after years of being in the business and having success – it does not occur instantly after you sign up for a training program. Because of this, customers may want to look elsewhere for internet marketing training.

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