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No Reviews Yet Review It is the website home of Online Sweepstakes, a database of available online sweepstakes throughout the US, Canada, and more, that is updated each and every day.

Sweepstakes were traditionally a type of lottery-style prize giveaway that were tied to different product purchases, but the FCC and FTC eventually changed the laws so that all sweepstakes are now legally required to be “No Purchase Necessary to Enter.”

Because of this, sweepstakes are now most commonly used as marketing promotions to draw attention to companies or their products, and the goal of is provide a single place for people to find available sweepstakes.

How It Works is actually very straightforward. People visit the website, and they are provided a full list of the available sweepstakes operating online at that time, including those that are brand new and only been released that very day.

Visitors can find sweepstakes specific to their country of residence, by the date of expiration for the sweepstakes, and by the entry frequency allowed in the sweepstakes, as some people feel more comfortable with multiple entries and others prefer contests that are limited to a single entry.

They also provide customers the opportunity to search for various sweepstakes by the type of contest, including Trivia, Online Games, Scavenger Games, and more, as well as by the type of prize you can win, like Electronics, Gift Certificates, Kid Stuff, Memorabilia & Collectibles, and much more.

What to Consider

Though the laws in the United States have changed to ensure that companies cannot require people to purchase products in order to enter a sweepstakes, there are still common issues associated with these contests that people should consider.

The most serious one is the fact that companies today use sweepstakes as promotional opportunities, meaning that their ultimate goal is to get your contact information so they can begin emailing, mailing, and calling you regarding their advertising needs.

As most people know, it can be incredibly frustrating to be inundated with sales emails and calls all day long, and if you are planning on entering multiple sweepstakes opportunities, this could easily happen to you.

If you are still interested in entering sweepstakes, you may want to consider setting up a separate email account that is dedicated just to this activity, so it isn’t impacting your daily life.

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