Online Task Pay Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 4 reviews Review It is the online home of the Online Task Pay, a website which describes itself as “a new innovating and internet job site” which pays people of all ages and experience levels to complete tasks.

The website says that they are able to guarantee their employees $1500 in their very first week of working, just by finishing a series of individual tasks which will take between five and ten minutes to complete.

It is unclear the process new members will need to follow in order to sign up to work with this website, but they do provide an email address for people who would like to contact them about this opportunity.

How It Works

The website says that the type of tasks they provide to their members will vary in type and in number, and each task will be assigned an “estimated reward” which will be deposited into your account when you’ve successfully completed that task.

In order to successfully complete your task, however, it must be reviewed by the person who posted that specific job and then approved. A quick review of their website shows that the primary type of tasks taken on by their workers include link posting and traffic generation for various websites.

In order to successfully withdraw your money from your Online Task Pay account, all members will need to reach a minimum of $300. The website says that this should not be a problem, however, as many of their earners are able to make $500 a day, and some are even earning more than $10,000 per month.

The Problems

This company has so many problems it isn’t clear where to begin. First, they present their system as though they are offering people a crowdsourcing opportunity, which is when people are given simple and quick tasks to compete in exchange for a small payment, often just a dollar or even less depending on how quickly the task can be completed.

However it is clear from reading their Frequently Asked Questions section that they are actually paying people to promote their own website and websites they partner with, posting links around the internet and speaking about their company on social media in order to generate interest. And they are promising to pay extremely generous amounts of money in exchange for this.

But the truth most likely is that they will only pay people when these links actually result in visits or even sales, and even then the payments are likely to be small, which is a huge problem when you realize that their minimum withdrawal amount is $300.

There are many websites on the internet which attempt to get people to participate in money earning opportunities with extremely high minimum payouts. The goal, of course, is that people will get sick of waiting for their payout and quit before they ever get their money, resulting in Online Task Pay and their partners getting free promotions all over the internet. It is clear that people should avoid this website and their opportunity at all costs.

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