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Tutoring and teaching online are great ways to make money from home. It allows you to do very rewarding work from the comforts of your home. There are a wide variety of tutoring & teaching jobs that you can apply for ranging from K-12 tutoring, teaching a foreign language, and all the way up to teaching/tutoring at a college level.

A lot of these positions have varying levels of qualifications, obviously the more difficult the grade and subject level is the more qualified you need to be.

However, there are some general requirements that you should be able to meet prior to applying for online tutoring/teaching positions.

  • You should be well versed in the subject you plan on tutoring/teaching
  • Have the ability to clearly and effectively communicate concepts to people of all ages
  • Some online education companies require a college degree but some accept applicants upon the completion of an exam.
  • You also need a computer that is able to handle online tutoring/teaching software and must have a high speed internet connection.

Online educators can earn a great part time income and the more hours you are able to put in the more you will make. This is why it helps to be able to teach or help out with a variety of subjects as you’ll get more work.

At some companies the more qualified employees tend to get more work but that is not an industry standard and if you prove yourself competent and generate positive feedback from your students you shouldn’t have any problems getting more hours.

Below you will find a list of Legitimate Online Tutoring & Teaching Jobs (Updated 2018):

Tutoring & Teaching Jobs – K-12 & Adult Education

Bilingual Tutoring & Teaching Jobs

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  • i have a master degree in maths.i have a good experiance of teaching on hiegh school level iam working at engineering college at physics lab. i want to teach up to twelth with maths
    • Uhhh, Mark... "English and spelling" are plural and Frank used "don't" correctly,... if he had only used one subject in his sentence (either 'English' OR 'spelling') then 'doesn't' would have been correct. Actually, Frank, you seem to have the grammar problem. You should have typed "You're correct Frank. However, you should have used..." The first word in your comment should be "You're", not "Your"... a common mistake.
    • Your correct Frank, However you should have used doesn't rather than don't.
    • Your English and spelling don't seem too good though!
  • if you want to learn tagalog ( filipino ), you can hire me for a minimum cost.
  • Great article, some nice sites on there, I'll try them out.

    There are many poor tutors online, so make sure you shop around. I'm an online tutor on (English: and Spanish: and I always try and give my students the best value for money possible.

    Engaging students is one of my beliefs, and I feel that if you are able to engage a student appropriately, they're far more likely to respond well to your tutoring.

    If you need a tutor, hit me up on!

    • Alas I have to agree. I was a teacher on chalksy but never taught a single student. The only emails I had were from the admin team telling me their site had closed and that they were selling my data. I told them I havent given permission for them to do so, but never got a response or apology. Several weeks later I got an email from the company they had sold my information to. I am still angry about it and warn others to stay clear for your own good. Even to this day Chalksy have never replied of even said sorry to me. They just dont care. Money is the motivation here not a love of teaching or imparting knowledge.
    • Be careful of using, it appears they have a history of selling data to third parties. There are many people complaining about this website
  • Im a 22 year old guy from Costa Rica who has been teaching Spanish for about 3 years already. Thats how I learned English actually by spending time with English native students. I was a language exchange rather than me just with a teaching roll. I love teaching my own language an as a Sppanish navive speaker my students can learn how to correctly say things, build sentences and accurately pronunce. Id love to have an opportunity like this and Ive had many comments letting me know how easy and quick people learn with mee.
    • I think it's great you teach Spanish to Americans. I want to teach English to people in the U.S.from other countries. I speck some Spanish, but I am not fluent.
  • I am perfect teacher for primary classes.

    I can understand how will be train them.

    I' am the home teacher . I can't teach in any school

    But I know , I'm the best for child teach according

    To parents .i am graduate but my memory

    to much super
  • If you truly want a teaching or tutoring position, you'll have to do some work to find one. While they may feel sorry for you, no hiring agent is going to read your profile (plea for employment) and contact you with a job in hand. With hundreds (or thousands) of qualified people looking for jobs, employers want candidates who, at a minimum, show they can work within their systems and/or follow their rules. Trying to shortcut the system by posting a profile in an area clearly not designed for profiles diminishes how you are perceived and makes one question how much of logical thinker you are, wonder if you're too lazy or egotistical to follow "the usual process", and wonder if you know how to use a computer and/or navigate the internet. If you don't know how to use a computer/navigate the internet, get some help from someone who does. The links on this page were provided as resources for your job search. Explore them and follow each company's application process - you'll likely have better luck than you will by posting a profile here.
  • I am a retired middle school math teacher. I have been tutoring at the middle school and high school since 2008. The grant money ran out this year therefore I'm looking for a job in tutoring on line. I would like to tutor in basic math and algebra.I have worked with too many students who are lacking in the basics and thus have no foundation to build on.
  • Gee. Why post your experiences here? Like someone's going to hire you after reading about you here.

    On top of that, i see some obvious grammar mistakes from what who claims to have excellent "English language" skills wrote. (got nothing against you personally)

    Perhaps a job posting page should be added to the site. ;)
  • Hi there!

    This is a place where we can share our experiences, etc. on online tutoring sites, NOT a job board!

    Thanks -- and looking forward to hearing from people who are tutoring online i.e. best companies, pros/cons, etc.

    Best wishes,

  • I am a retired elementary school teacher, who taught all subjects to grades four and five for seventeen years. My English language skills are excellent, as I went to school when English was taught, in what I call, "The old way." The rules that I had to learn for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. have stayed with me all these years. I was one of only a few who did not have to take an English course before being accepted into the University of Alberta. In addition to being a classroom teacher, my love of books led me to become a teacher-librarian.

    I have thought of teaching "English as a Second Language" to our large immigrant population, but would prefer to work from home.
    • Sue looking for a proficient teacher who is well versed in teaching math and English. Elementry to high school level. If you meet these requirements, how much do you charge.
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