Is Jonathan Budd Legit or a Scam?

Online MLM is a website run by Jonathan Budd, a self proclaimed 25 year old punk who has discovered the secrets to MLM success.

Multi level marketing, or network marketing, is a sector of business that operates by paying their workers not only when they sell the company’s product, but also when they recruit new members to sell the products as well.  Jonathan Budd’s Online MLM Secrets is a training program meant to improve your sales tactics and therefore increase your earning potential.

Budd claims that after three years of using his program, he is now earning over 2 million dollars a year, and the same secrets that he uses can be yours for the unbelievably low price of $7.

So is a Scam? has angered a lot of their customers for their billing practices.  While Jonathan Budd verbally says in his video that he charges “only” $7 for his program (and goes into a lot of detail about what an agonizing decision it was for him to decide what he would charge) the truth is that $7 is actually a charge for a trial membership, and after an undisclosed period of time your credit begins getting charged $49.77 a month.

While this monthly charge is revealed in the Terms & Conditions page, which you must check that you read when you agree to order the product, there are a couple shady practices in play here.  First, not only does Jonathan Budd go out of his way on his video to make it seem as though you’ll only be charged $7, but in addition the Terms & Conditions are formatted in such a tiny box making it so incredibly difficult to read them that it’s not surprising many people would click without reading.

In addition to the shady billing practices, makes it clear that the only money eligible for refunding is your initial $7 – your monthly charges of $49.77 a month will never be refunded.

Finally, the “secrets” that Jonathan Budd wants to teach you about – identifying keywords, using Google AdSense – these are all tricks of internet marketing that you can find many places online for free.  They are definitely not secrets.

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