Is Online Professor Legit or a Scam?

Online ProfessorOnline Professor, formerly known as Video Professor, is an online program you can purchase to get access to videos that train you in both internet and computer skills.  Online Professor claims to offer over 170 different courses on 42 different topics – over 1000 hours of video training.

One of the best aspects of Online Professor is that you receive immediate access to all of their courses which allows you to move through the courses at your own pace.  Perhaps you some moderate experience with Power Point but are looking to really excel at presentations for your current job.  You wouldn’t need to start at a basic, beginner level video, but rather somewhere in the middle.  Online Professor allows you to do this.

Online Professor also hosts courses on a wide variety of topics, which range from digital photography to Excel and Power Point, all the way to HTML and wireless networking.  They also include videos that cover the basis of a variety of popular work at home job opportunities, like videos relating to posting on eBay or online investing.

So What’s the Deal with

Well, Video Professor was considered a decent video training course but tended to receive complaints due to their continuous billing policy.  They claimed their program only cost a menial, one time fee but they included recurring charges in the fine print.  When customers saw these monthly charges, they were upset.

When Falan Funding purchased Video Professor and made it Online Professor, they seem to have tried to move away from that problem.

However, their sales page emphasizes – perhaps overemphasizes – that you get access to every video in their library for “one low low price.”  And this is true.  For $99.95 you get immediate access to all of their training material.  But if you do not call and cancel your membership within 90 days, you start getting monthly bills for your membership.

The one big difference between Video Professor and Online Professor, though, is that Video Professor charged a very small fee upfront and then hefty monthly fees down the line, whereas Online Professor charges a sizable fee upfront and a small charge of $9.95 per month later.

In the meantime, you do have 90 days to determine whether or not you would like to retain your membership.  If you choose to cancel, you simply call their customer service at (866) 759-7181.

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  • I have personally ordered from OnlineProfessor. I like the training material. I was charged a setup fee, which was reasonable for the amount of material available and for $9.95 a month, I think it is a good deal as they continue to add courses.
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