Only Cash Surveys Reviews – Legit or Scam? is new company entering the online paid survey market.  Though they are very new and don’t seem to have a lot of buzz, there are some things we know about them.

First, and I can’t say it enough, when it comes to online paid surveys the number one rule to remember is that you should never pay for the option to take surveys.  Legitimate companies are paid not by you, but the companies they service.  Only Cash Surveys does not ask for money from its members in any way – no one time fees, no membership fees.  So this is a good sign.

Second, they require all their members to create a PayPal account for online cash payments.  This means that Only Cash Surveys deals with real monetary rewards, not point systems or prize rewards like many other survey companies.  They do require that you have earned a minimum amount toward your account before they’ll schedule payouts, however, so keep that in mind.

Finally, it’s easy to sign up at  All you need is an email address and the time to fill out a short questionnaire helping them gather information to determine what specific demographics you fit into to see what surveys would fit you best.

Now, there are some things that you should be aware of before doing business with

Once you register, you’ll immediately see a list of surveys that you can participate in.  There will be a general description of what the survey is about, then the estimated percentage of likelihood that you will fit the demographic enough to successfully complete the survey, how long it will take to complete the survey, and how much you will be paid if you complete the survey.

In general, each survey is anywhere from 5-30 minutes to complete and upon completion each survey will pay you anywhere from $1.00-$5.00.  However, it’s important to pay attention to the percentages offered for how successful they believe you will be in completing a survey.  You could be 10 minutes into completing a 15 minute survey and be stopped from completing it, due to an answer you gave that disqualifies you from the study. This is more likely to happen with a survey that has a low percentage than one that gives a high percentage.

Another complaint that customers have about Only Cash Surveys is the length of time it takes for members to receive their payouts.  Despite requiring PayPal accounts to ensure successful cash transactions, gives themselves 4 full weeks to fulfill a payout from the time you request it.  And unfortunately customers say that it does often take that long.

But this brings me back to something I have said many times before – if you’re interested in trying to make money taking surveys, then make sure to sign up with multiple market research companies.  This way, you’re far more likely to qualify for more surveys, complete more surveys, and earn more money in general.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Only Cash Surveys " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • I have been trying to get my $50 Walmart gift card with no luck & no reply from them. The "secret code" is not any good. So basically I wasted my time taking surveys & am not able to claim the reward that I earned. No wonder they are closing, they are just a SCAM!! Not even able to get any kind of reply from them
  • The last two $50 Walmart cards they issued me had no money in them at all! They had already been used by someone in another state! Probably one of their employees. They refuse to pay me after working for a very long time to earn that $100. They keep replying to my messages with stupid replies that all add up to the fact that I am never going to get paid from them. A huge waste of my time.
  • Only Cash Surveys not only takes forever to pay, but TWICE they issued me a very hard earned $50 Walmart gift card, and Twice when I went to the store and tried to use the card, I was told that the balance was ZERO. I was furious, and today I filed a BBB complaint. Yes, you complete surveys that you never get paid for. It happens to me every day. Yes they take forever to pay you. But to completely stiff me twice is simply unconscionable. The first time I accepted it as an error. The second there's just no excuse for. Shame on you!
  • They used to pay, but after I requested a payout for this past October, I have waited and waited and waited. Not only did the "requested" sign remain for over 8 weeks (as opposed to their 4-6 week wait), but they also took away all of my survey opportunities. So I sent them an email telling them that I am closing my account and called them scammers.

    I closed my account with them and I am warning everyone I can to stay away from them because they will just take the money you earn and run.

    They're crooked and low.
  • Yes I am still waiting for my payout and its been well over several month. Which peculiar because this site always paid out. Send email call definitely getting voicemail alot now.JUST SAD THEY JUST CLOSED DOWN AND DID INFORM BUT THAT WHY YOU MUST THE PRIVATE POLICY. THAT THE COMPANIES(OR SHOULD I SAY WEBSITES DO) WITH OUT WARNING.
  • Surveys are fun and if you can get paid to do them that's even better
  • This rating is based on reading pages of others reviews. I always try to validate online offers as I know by personal experience how easy it is to get scammed. So, after receiving an offer I started o research. Thanks to all who took time to warn others about th he businesses practices of this company and its associates. Cee, you stated that there are legitimate survey companies; would you mind providing a list of those you have worked with long enough to know they do what they promise? (Also anyone else that is knowledgeable and experienced enough to weed out the bad guys please reply). I would really appreciate it...I am a formerly registered nurse, now disabled, who would like to support my husband in small ways since I can't do much more than a few light household chores when I am up to it. To bring in a little income just to add a few small pleasures to his life would give me joy. Thanks again and best of luck to you all. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • My Norton security warned me against this site as soon as I pulled it up. Need I say more?
  • I have filled out surveys for a long time to reach the $50 mark -

    tried to cash out with a gift card, which was stated to be received,

    but a gift code was given to go to another website and instructed

    to get a pin number when the gift code is validated. What a pain in

    the but - no other survey site does this - don't waste your time.
  • I lost count on how many Surveys I did. All I can say is, the last time I look they owed me 48.00 and 30+ Was pending and the 30 dollars have been pending for over 6 months. As much as I would like to make some extra cash at home. I believe all of this so called survey companies are full of B.S. They are getting theirs and do not want to give you yours. Maybe I'll check to see if my $30+ dollars is pending are not. Now that it has been a year. God bless all and to all a good night. Semper Fi
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