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The Oxford Club is a private investment club, which provides its members with investment newsletters, reports, and opportunities from Investment Director Alexander Green.

Alexander Green is the author of multiple newsletters and books concerning investment and wealth in the United States, and has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.

To subscribe the Oxford Club and their multiple publications, a Premiere Membership costs $149 a year, while a Provisional Membership – which offers the majority of benefits of a Premiere Membership – sells for just $99 a year.

What Benefits Do You Get With Your Membership?

When you first become a member at The Oxford Club, you will receive five different detailed research reports available on current investment opportunities, including investment in gold, oil drilling, and pharmaceuticals, among others.

You will also get two monthly newsletters, The Communique and The Ultimate Income Letter, which will keep you informed on opportunities throughout the year, as well as email alerts if Oxford Club believes that the stock has hit a ceiling.

If you opt for the Provisional Membership instead of the Premiere, the only benefit you lose is access to the Membership Exchange, with one free listing each year.

All memberships at The Oxford Club are automatically renewed, so if you do not wish to continue your membership after the first year, you must cancel your subscription in advance.

Concerns About Oxford Club

Some of the stocks recommended by The Oxford Club are microcap stocks, or stocks that are generally very cheap per share. These stocks are often criticized because of how easy they are to manipulate.

A company can buy a large amount of shares at the affordable price, then encourage others to purchase the stock to instigate a rise in the share price. Once the price has risen significantly, the company can then sell their shares, resulting in the stock price dropping.

It’s important to double check all stock recommendations that you receive, as ultimately all investments, gains, and losses will be your responsibility.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Oxford Club " is 2.39 out of 5 based on 235 reviews.
  • Do you consider this company to be a fraud?
  • I just set up my brokerage account and tried to purchase 1,000 share of 2317TT on the TW exchange which did not go through because no one wanted to buy at my price. Maybe that is a good thing since my total investment would have been $3,000.00. I don't know about you but I can't afford to loose that much money. Thank you for your insight.
  • Note: Correction to previous message. The company is "Foxconn" NOT "Foxcomm". Sorry !
  • The video I just saw is a duplicate of what was broadcast last year. Throughout the entire video, the Oxford spokesman NEVER gives the name of the "Secret $3 stock Company. !! We invested several thousand $$ in the "$3.00 Retirement Stock sold under a secret name", with President Trump's endorsement. It turned out to be "Foxcomm", and it could only be bought on the Taiwan exchange, which charged a hefty fee for every trade. Foxcomm was supposed to build a very large manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, employing thousands of people. It turns out that Foxcomm's reputation is "Over-promise and Under-perform" !! They collected the "stock" $$, and then decided to only build about 20% of what was promised to the city and State of Wisconsin, and then only "parts" rather than the high employment promised. It's hard to believe that President Trump would endorse this company. We did see a small article that he (President Trump) DID talk them into building MORE than the 20% they decided to do, but still VERY far from what was originally promised. I even called the local Chamber of Commerce in an attempt to find out what THEY knew about the company, but they could NOT provide any information. FACT: WE LOST OUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT !! Yet, OXFORD continues to promote it - WHY?? Buyer beware on this !! Check out Foxcomm on-line and see for yourself !!
  • Looking at the dates this selling spiel seems to be a protracted affair in a highly volatile market. Anyone with a bit of brains will quickly work out that all he is selling is subscriptions. Tread your own path.
  • Any person who believes that a get rich scheme is available just via a subscription and small investment in very high risks stocks is simply not living in the real world. It is hard to imagine that anyone would recommend trying to retire on one stock which is of incredible risk. They can say that if a person would have invested in Amazon, netflix, etc at their original lows, that a fortune would be had today but that is all fluff. This is an amazing risky venture to subscribe to. Why not take your money to a casino and try your luck?
  • They are advertising a corporate bond as "10% CD"! How can this be legal??
  • Alexander, you are a wonderful seller of Kool-Aid. In your presentation I counted 8 contradictions and started throwing in my mouth!

    You are selling subscriptions. Headlines! Sound bites! You are only telling us about your successes. It was brutal to listen to you as long as I did.

    I own Apple. Smaller amount of Amazon (Jeff and I had the same barber). I made a killing on Starbucks, AT&T, HBO (medical), Celgene (I'm from Jerz) back in the day.

    Your overall performance is average. Get over yourself.
    • Hello Michale,

      I am new to stocks however, I am looking to invest in some stocks that have upside for future growth. Can you point me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to help me I will include my email.

      Thank you,
  • The tall claims and the highly rosy scenario being painted in the promotional talk , are too good to be true and sustainable. Nothing really comes for free in this world. The service fee charged by this Oxford Club is my loss and risk free gain for the Club, without any guarantee of the promised returns.
  • Yes , after reading your article I am a little concern about my dealings with the oxford club. You mentioned the cost to join membership with the club is basically $149.00 for membership and newsletters for a year and be careful to cancel out before the year is up because its an ongoing membership, right. So charging me $1700.00 for year's membership should be against the law. I mean there's is a lot more to my story but I wanted to mention it to someone and get some feedback about this involvement. After reading some of the other reviews I do agree, a little wishy washy on their pricing structure. Its seems they are always hitting you up for more money. Now they are offering me an life time executive club key for a discounted price of $8,400.00. I been with the club 2 months and Matthew Carr, strategist is telling me to renew my subscription for $395.00 when just last week he offered it to me for $79.00. What's going on here. I am going to email them just what I told you.
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